Article Image #WhyIamAntiwar social media givaway

WhyIamAntiwar Social Media givaway

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Armistice Day originally commemorated the end of War and honored those who gave their lives. remembers and honor all veterans and holds true to the hope of ending war as policy and strives at least to report on and be critical of the military industrial complex.

Join for a social media giveaway by posting to instagram or twitter with the hashtag #WhyIamAntiwar and a short message about peace for a chance to win a Peace now t-shirt, Red poppy lapel pin or Crypto currency sticker pack.

Pledge to the thunderclap and help deliver a message of peace on ArmisticeDay, this November 11th.

Help Us Spread Peace

November 11, will be making an important announcement regarding donor privacy and anonimity. Please help us reach the widest possible audience by joining our thunderclap. Peace needs a voice, your voice, to take a stand against a snooping government that uses intimidation to silence the pro peace movement. 

Pledge to our thunderclap to deliver this message on Armistice Day, November 11, 2017. And engage in a little civil protest by tweeting/ instagramming your pro peace message with the hashtag #WhyIamAntiwar and win a Peace Now! tee shirt or red poppy pin.