Joint Putin/Trump Statement at APEC Summit

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Joint Putin/Trump Statement at APEC Summit

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Despite no formal meeting between them, Putin and Trump released a joint statement (JS below), revealing nothing already known, reflecting no change in dismal bilateral relations, saying:

JS: "President Trump and President Putin today, meeting on the margins of the APEC conference in Danang, Vietnam, confirmed their determination to defeat ISIS in Syria."

Fact: Putin means it. His actions prove it. The Trump administration supports the scourge it claims to oppose.

JS: "They expressed their satisfaction with successful US-Russia enhanced de-confliction efforts between US and Russian military professionals that have dramatically accelerated ISIS's losses on the battlefield in recent months." 

Fact: Russia is the only world power going all-out for diplomatic conflict resolution. America wants endless war and regime change. Irreconcilable differences reflect the agendas of both countries.

JS: "The Presidents agreed to maintain open military channels of communication between military professionals to help ensure the safety of both US and Russian forces and de-confliction of partnered forces engaged in the fight against ISIS. They confirmed these efforts will be continued until the final defeat of ISIS is achieved."

Fact: Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah, along with Syrian military forces alone are combating terrorists in the country. America, NATO, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan support them.

JS: "The Presidents agreed that there is no military solution to the conflict in Syria. They confirmed that the ultimate political solution to the conflict must be forged through the Geneva process pursuant to UNSCR 2254." 

"They also took note of President Assad's recent commitment to the Geneva process and constitutional reform and elections as called for under UNSCR 2254." 

"The two Presidents affirmed that these steps must include full implementation of UNSCR 2254, including constitutional reform and free and fair elections under UN supervision, held to the highest international standards of transparency, with all Syrians, including members of the diaspora, eligible to participate." 

"The Presidents affirmed their commitment to Syria's sovereignty, unity, independence, territorial integrity, and non-sectarian character, as defined in UNSCR 2254, and urged all Syrian parties to participate actively in the Geneva political process and to support efforts to ensure its success."

Fact: Astana talks made important progress despite no significant breakthroughs. Geneva discussions accomplished nothing. 

Fact: Hold the cheers on future success because Washington wants war and regime change, not peace and stability.

Fact: Russia, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah respect Security Council Resolution 2254. America and its rogue allies repeatedly breached it.

Fact: Adopted in December 2015, it calls for a ceasefire and diplomatic settlement to the long-running conflict - calling on all parties to "immediately cease any attacks against civilians."

Fact: US terror-bombing massacres them daily, committing high crimes of war and against humanity with impunity, pretending to be combating ISIS terrorists it supports, along with other terrorist fighters in the country, region and elsewhere.

Fact: A new constitution will largely resemble the February 2012 one - overwhelmingly approved by national referendum.

Fact: Syrians support Assad as their leader. If he seeks reelection, he'll easily win overwhelmingly - much like his June 2014 triumph by an 89% majority, the process judged open, free and fair by international monitors.

Fact: Russia respects Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity, along with the right of its people to choose who'll lead them - free from foreign interference.

Fact: America rejects all of the above, why Obama launched war on the country in March 2011. Trump escalated it after taking office.

Fact: Washington's objective is regime change, ending Syrian sovereignty, transforming the country into another US vassal state, looting its resources, exploiting its people, and isolating Iran - ahead of efforts to replace its sovereignty with fascist tyranny, its status for a generation before the 1979 revolution.

JS: "Finally President Trump and President Putin confirmed the importance of de-escalation areas as an interim step to reduce violence in Syria, enforce ceasefire agreements, facilitate unhindered humanitarian access, and set the conditions for the ultimate political solution to the conflict." 

"They reviewed progress on the ceasefire in southwest Syria that was finalized the last time the two Presidents met in Hamburg, Germany on July 7, 2017." 

"The two presidents, today, welcomed the Memorandum of Principles concluded in Amman, Jordan, on November 8, 2017, between the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Russian Federation, and the United States of America." 

"This Memorandum reinforces the success of the ceasefire initiative, to include the reduction, and ultimate elimination of foreign forces and foreign fighters from the area to ensure a more sustainable peace." 

"Monitoring this ceasefire arrangement will continue to take place through the Amman Monitoring Center, with participation by expert teams from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Russian Federation, and the United States."

"The two Presidents discussed the ongoing need to reduce human suffering in Syria and called on all UN member states to increase their contributions to address these humanitarian needs over the coming months."

Fact: Russia strongly supports de-escalation, reducing violence toward eliminating it altogether, defeating US-supported terrorism, restoring peace and stability to the country, removing all foreign forces (not requested by Damascus), delivering humanitarian aid to Syrians unobstructed, and alleviating their suffering.

Fact: Washington opposes all of the above.

Fact: The Putin/Trump joint statement was unrelated to several brief exchanges between them at the APEC summit.

There was no discussion between them on Syria or any other issues, other than brief comments - little more than acknowledging each other's presence at the summit.

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