Human Rights Watch Disinformation Report on Venezuela

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Human Rights Watch Disinformation Report on Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

HRW is a convenient US imperial tool when it suits its purpose, notably to maintain funding from corporate donors, including George Soros' Open Society Institute, the Ford Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation, among others.

Corporate donors give nothing without assurances of large returns on their investments. HRW delivers, disgracing itself on major issues like what's happening in Venezuela.

Instead of reporting on US political and economic war, aiming for regime change, wanting fascist tyranny replacing Bolivarian social democracy, it disgracefully headlined "Venezuela's Slide into Dictatorship," saying:

"The Venezuelan government is tightening its stranglehold on the country's basic institutions of democracy at a terrifying speed."

"In March, President Nicolas Maduro's government used the Supreme Court, which is now entirely subservient to the executive branch, to take over legislative functions from the opposition-led National Assembly." 

"Then it oversaw the creation of a Constituent Assembly, made up exclusively of government supporters, that is acting as a shadow legislature."

Fact: Democratic governance in Venezuela shames America's fantasy version, one-party rule with two right wings, waging war on humanity at home and abroad.

Fact: No Maduro Supreme Court takeover occurred, HRW's claim a bald-faced lie.

Fact: The National Constituent Assembly was democratically elected, a national referendum authorizing it. So does Venezuela's Constitution.

Fact: The body reflects democracy in action. It's no power grab. Voters, not politicians, will have final say on proposed constitutional changes by national referendum, the same process used to establish the Bolivarian Republic under Hugo Chavez.

HRW: "A brutal crackdown on the streets between April and July left dozens of people dead, hundreds injured, and thousands detained." 

"Many of those detained were civilians who were arbitrarily prosecuted in military courts for offenses including rebellion and treason, and were denied basic due process."

Fact: Violent street protests were orchestrated by Washington. Individuals prosecuted were guilty of murder, assault, and/or vandalism. No governments tolerate this type lawlessness. HRW apparently condoned it.

Claiming detainees were electro-shocked and asphyxiated, as well as abused by other forms of torture turned truth on its head. No credible evidence suggests it. Claiming otherwise is part of HRW's anti-Venezuela denigration campaign - while ignoring US high crimes of war and against humanity worldwide.

HRW: "The dismantling of democratic institutions goes back to the presidency of Hugo Chavez, Maduro's predecessor, who initiated a political takeover of the Supreme Court in 2004." 

"When Maduro assumed office in 2013, he intensified the already strong concentration of power and has since used it to commit all sorts of abuses."

Fact: These and similar accusations are disgraceful perversions of truth - HRW losing all credibility for its outrageous claims.

HRW: "Venezuela's slide into dictatorship is not likely to be reversed without the help of strong international pressure." 

"Some recent steps are setting the stage for multilateral action, and now is the time for other countries and international organizations to build on that progress."

Is HRW promoting a coup d'etat against Venezuelan social democracy, preferring illegitimate fascist governance replacing it?

Venezuelan elections are the world's best, world's apart from America's money-controlled process, giving voters no say on how they're governed.

HRW disgracefully accused the Maduro government of electoral fraud. Independent monitors reported otherwise.

The organization has produced numerous reports lacking credibility. 

The one on Venezuela is the most disgraceful I've seen, suppressing hard truths, substituting bald-faced lies - serving its imperial master in Washington, along with corporate donors demanding HRW publish this type rubbish.

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