Istanbul Summit More Bark Than Bite

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Istanbul Summit More Bark Than Bite

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Leaders and/or other top officials from 57 Islamic countries met in Istanbul, Turkey - invited by President Erdogan for an emergency session on Trump's unilateral declaration of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Erdogan called East Jerusalem the "occupied capital of the State of Palestine." Extending condolences to Palestinian martyrs killed while defending their homeland, he condemned Israeli violence, calling the country a killer of children and terror state, true enough while ignoring his own high crimes, his dictatorial grip on Turkey.

Illegitimate Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said Washington is no longer a neutral peace process broker. 

Was it ever unbiased, one-sidedly supporting Israel since establishment of the Jewish state, dismissive of Palestinian rights!

Abbas' rhetoric consistently rings hollow, his remarks meant for Palestinians, not Islamic leaders, Washington or other Western countries, dependent on them for aid, benefitting him and high-level PA cronies, not occupied Palestinians.

He never supported their welfare, rights and needs throughout his illegitimate tenure, chosen by Israel to serve its interests, acting as its enforcer, brutalizing his own people.

Like Washington and Israel, most Arab leaders can never be trusted. The Saudis and Israelis are best friends, allied against Iran, Riyadh dismissive of Palestinian rights, including East Jerusalem as their capital.

On Monday, a Bahraini delegation visited Israel - on the phony pretext of promoting "religious freedom and peaceful co-existence where we all live together in harmony in the spirit of mutual respect and love."

At the same time, the al-Khalifa dictatorship brutalizes majority Bahraini Shias, torturing and killing them, while hundreds of political prisoners languish in its gulag for supporting democratic rights over despotism.

Other Arab leaders pay lip service alone to Palestinian rights, privately getting along with Israel, rogue states supporting each other.

Palestinians are backed by the Arab street, not regional leaders, except rhetorically, a meaningless gesture.

Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah genuinely support Palestinians. Erdogan tries having things both ways, shifting his policies on Washington and Israel to suit his interests.

He blows hot or cold on both countries at any point in time, leaving it uncertain what his next move will be, at the moment warm on Russia, cool on America and Israel.

Leaders from other Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states issued a communique at the summit's conclusion, saying:

"East Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Palestine…all countries (urged) to recognize the State of Palestine and East Jerusalem as its occupied capital."

OIC countries rejected and condemned "in the strongest terms the unilateral decision by the president of the United States of America in recognizing Jerusalem al-Quds as the so-called capital of Israel, the occupying power."

Trump's move was declared "null and void legally," his announcement "an attack on the historical, legal, natural and national rights of the Palestinian people, a deliberate undermining of all peace efforts, an impetus to extremism and terrorism, and a threat to international peace and security."

In the cold light of day, Islamic leaders changed nothing. Trump's declaration stands, Israel benefitting at the expense of fundamental Palestinian rights.

Their liberating struggle continues on their own. Lofty rhetoric from Istanbul didn't change a thing.

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