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Dueling New Year's Messages: Putin v. Trump

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Dueling New Year's Messages: Putin v. Trump

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Both leaders are ideological opposites.

Putin is a preeminent world leader, a peace and stability champion, his overwhelming public approval well-deserved.

Trump is an unindicted war criminal, a corporate predator's favorite, an anti-populist, moral coward, serial liar Judas - straightaway as president betraying the voter base electing him.

His dismal approval rating is the lowest for any US leader this early in his tenure, a dubious distinction.

His barrage of New Year's eve tweets reflected pompous self-adulation, a narcissistic display, along with Islamophobic anti-Iran rage.

On Saturday, he lied about jobs coming back to America, lied about the GOP tax cut heist being pro-growth, lied claiming it'll create more jobs, and lied about public sentiment in Iran, threatening its government, saying it won't last, stopping short of declaring war on the country.

His New Year's eve Twitter assault touted the year's stock market rally, benefitting corporate predators and super-rich individuals like himself hugely. 

Most Americans have minimal or no equity investments. The parade passed them by.

Trump blasted Iran again, falsely accusing its government of terrorism and human rights violations.

They're US specialties, notably under his leadership, supporting ISIS and likeminded groups like the Clintons, Bush/Cheney and Obama.

Trump lied claiming Americans are much better off under his leadership, an appalling perversion of truth.

Poverty is the nation's leading growth industry, unemployment at near-Depression era levels, underemployment unprecedented, along with growing hunger, homelessness, deprivation and despair.

Economist John Williams expects "(a)n unusually challenging and unsettled time" in the year ahead, stressing a "non-recovering economy," adding:

"Key headline measures of consumer and industrial activity…remain (below their) pre-2007 recession peaks" - real unemployment at "21.7," not the Labor Department's phony 4.1%, a rigged number to conceal dismal economic conditions for most Americans.

Trump repeated his long ago exposed canard about "making America great again" in New Year's eve tweets - failing to explain it's only "great" for the nation's privileged few, dismal for most others.

Vladimir Putin is a model of humility compared to Trump's bravado. Minutes ahead of the new year, he greeted the nation on television, humbly saying:

"For us, New Year is a family holiday. We celebrate it like we did back in childhood: with presents and surprises, with special warmth, expecting important changes." 

"They will come, if we all remember our parents, care for them, value every minute with them, if we continue to understand our children, their aspirations and dreams, to support those who are next to us, those who require our participation and generosity."

He urged everyone "to tell words of love and care to each other, forgive mistakes and offenses, to hug, to warm with care and attention," adding:

"Let changes for the better happen to every person, everyone family. Let everyone be healthy. Let new children be born and make us happy."

He "cordially thanked everyone for believing in themselves and in our country, for their labor and results. Let trust and mutual understanding be with you," he said, along with "solidarity and friendship."

He wished everyone "peace and prosperity" in the new year, knowing huge challenges he and Russia face ahead, notably from an adversarial Washington.

Putin is a mensch, a man of integrity, honor and peace. Trump is polar opposite - aggressive, dishonest, unscrupulous, unprincipled.

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