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US Pressuring Europe to Undermine Iran Nuclear Deal

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US Pressuring Europe to Undermine Iran Nuclear Deal

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Trump wants the JCPOA deal undermined in one of two ways - by getting Britain, France and Germany to agree on toughening it in ways Iran won't accept, or unilaterally demanding unacceptable new and/or revised provisions rendering the agreement null and void.

When recertification is again due in May, he intends illegally reimposing sanctions removed when the deal was consummated - rejecting it without pulling out, a surefire way to kill it by reneging on what got Iran to agree on the deal in the first place.

Does Tillerson take orders from Russophobe/Iranophobe Nikki Haley instead of the other way around? 

His unacceptably hostile comments on Russia and Iran follow her playbook, suggesting she runs the State Department, not him - taking orders from an extremist subordinate, not giving them.

Days earlier, he said a US diplomatic team is heading for Europe, meetings scheduled in Britain, France and Germany to discuss (nonexistent) "flaws" in the Iran nuclear deal.

It's also about "countering Iran's activities that are not related to their nuclear program. Our concerns about their (nonexistent) arms exports to Yemen and elsewhere," said Tillerson, adding:

"I think there's a common view among the E3 (Britain, France and Germany) that there are some areas of the (nuclear deal) or some areas of Iran's behavior that should be addressed."

In Israel from Sunday to Tuesday,  neocon/evangelical lunatic Mike Pence said Washington will withdraw from the deal in May if it isn't changed to meet US demands. The Trump administration "will no longer certify" the JCPOA.

He's determine to undermine it one way or another. After rejecting changes for months, Britain, France and Germany now   appear willing to double-cross Iran, proving again they're convenient US stooges, partnering in its imperial project, notably its wars of aggression.

Trump wants Iran's economy crushed, the same dirty strategy used against North Korea, Russia and other countries.

Britain, France and Germany are willing co-conspirators. Fundamental flaws Tillerson cites are in corrupted Western societies, not the nuclear deal.

In Paris, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drain sounded like Trump, saying Iran failed to "respect" Security Council Resolution 2231 - a Big Lie.

The resolution endorsed the JCPOA nuclear deal. The IAEA repeatedly affirms Iran's full compliance with its terms.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister/chief nuclear envoy Abbas Araqchi slammed Britain, France and Germany, saying:

They "think that if they make concessions to Trump on issues other than the nuclear deal, they can make him remain committed to the nuclear deal."

"This is a fully wrong policy and will certainly have a reverse outcome and we have clearly said this to" these countries.

Apparently, Iran's explanation of Trump's diabolical intentions toward its country fell on deaf ears. In May or sooner, the nuclear deal may be doomed.

Addressing the Security Council last week, Sergey Lavrov minced no words saying:

"It is evident that the failure of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, especially through the fault of one of the participants in the P5+1 group, will become an alarming signal for the whole architecture of international security, including prospects for the settlement of the nuclear problem of the Korean peninsula."

Why would any country trust America, a nation notorious for reneging on deals, not abiding by ones it agreed to.

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