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Jury Info Pirate Box uses wifi to inform the public about a juror's right to nullify bad laws.

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The Jury Info Pirate Box is an inexpensive wifi file server, designed to inform the public about the rights of jurors to nullify bad laws. The purpose is to make this 100% factual information freely available where it is needed most, even if "authorities" disapprove. Traditionally, this information is distributed in pamphlet form at courthouses. Although usually tolerated, pamphleteers have been assaulted and arrested. By making this information available electronically, we can reach more people, in more places, with lest risk of interference.

The device creates a wifi network called "Juror Info." Once connected to this network, when users try to access a web page, they are redirected to content from the Fully Informed Jury Association and other sources, including text files, PDFs and audio files. The device is powered via USB using a wall charger, or portable battery.

Prototypes are being tested. Additional development is required to enable more users to be automatically directed to the Jury Info content. Currently, some operating systems and browsers are unable to connect. User interface, and content improvements are also under way.

Once completed, an install file and hardware list will be freely available. Complete units will be available for purchase via OpenBazaar.

Funding will speed the development process, and create testing units. Any help is appreciated.

Lead Programmer: Derrick Slopey
Content Development: James Babb

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