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Israeli Aggression on Gaza Continues

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Israeli Aggression on Gaza Continues

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Israeli state terror continues unaccountably because the world community turns a blind eye to its crimes of war, against humanity, and slow-motion genocide against millions of defenseless Palestinians, along with its aggression against Syria.

Multiple airstrikes on Strip targets continued on Monday, areas east of Rafah City struck.

Ten pre-dawn airstrikes caused significant damage, an IDF statement saying it holds Hamas responsible for everything happening in Gaza.

It considers naked aggression against defenseless civilians "act(ing) to ensure security for the citizens of Israel" - getting away with it for half a century of illegal occupation because the world community fails to hold it responsible for Nuremberg-level crimes.

Hamas said it holds "the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the consequences of its continued escalation against our people."

Over the weekend, Israeli aggression escalated tensions along its border with besieged Gaza. Is another full-scale war planned? It's likely just a matter of time.

Separately, B'Tselem reported Israeli military forces are using attack dogs against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank - terrorizing families by releasing them inside homes during raids.

One incident occurred in early February. Using attack dogs, dozens of soldiers raided the town of Burqin near Jenin in the northern West Bank.

A targeted house was surrounded pre-dawn, its front door blown open, terrifying residents inside.

Children were rushed to the family bedroom. Minutes later, soldiers blew open the door.

An attack dog was released, knocking the father down, severely biting his left shoulder. His wife tried freeing him from its grip but couldn't. Terrified children hid under the bed, crying.

Soldiers did nothing to pull the attack dog back. Finally the husband was released, soldiers then assaulting him, his arm and nose bloodied.

He required hospitalization for treatment. Soldiers returned to the house a second time, continuing to terrorize family members.

This incident reflects what goes on in Occupied Palestine multiple times daily, unreported in the West, virtually nothing said about Israeli brutality. 

Ziofascist Israel terrorizes Palestinians with impunity because the world community abandoned them.

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