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US Pushes for Security Council Resolution to Let Eastern Ghouta Terrorists Rearm

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US Pushes for Security Council Resolution to Let Eastern Ghouta Terrorists Rearm

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

So-called "rebel" groups in Eastern Ghouta are US-supported cutthroat killer terrorists, notably al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria).

They're holding countless numbers of civilians hostage, using them as human shields - terrorizing them, murdering resisters, shelling neighborhoods, their high crimes falsely blamed on Syrian and Russian forces.

Western media are carpet bombing viewers and readers with bald-faced lies about what's going on - an anti-Russia/anti-Syria propaganda campaign in cahoots with Washington and its rogue allies.

Sergey Lavrov explained Russia wants a Security Council resolution, guaranteeing terrorists in Eastern Ghouta will observe a humanitarian pause - enforced by Washington and its allies controlling them.

Otherwise a resolution is worthless - observed only by Russia and Syria, giving al-Nusra and likeminded groups time to regroup, rearm and continue terrorizing Eastern Ghouta residents in the Damascus countryside.

On Friday, Lavrov said Washington and its allies "refuse to accept an amendment which will place responsibility on them to ensure that the (terrorists) give clear guarantees to stop the shelling."

On Thursday, he said their real goal is "overthrowing" the Syrian government, flagrantly violating international law, including Security Council Resolution 2254 (December 2015), calling for ceasefire and diplomatic conflict resolution.

The measure excluded prohibiting combat operations against ISIS, al-Nusra and likeminded terrorist groups in the country, essential to defeat and eliminate.

On Friday, Russia's reconciliation center in Syria said Eastern Ghouta "(i)llegal armed formations (terrorists) have been denying residents the right to exit" areas they control.

Many civilians urgently need medical treatment. "The Syrian capital is subject to sustained provocative shelling" by these terrorists, the center explained, adding:

"Over the last 24 hours, 33 mines have been fired by insurgents from Eastern Ghouta targeting various regions of Damascus and settlements nearby. Civilian casualties and destruction have been reported."

Scores of mortar rounds were fired at Damascus residential areas in the last 24 hours alone. "The situation in Eastern Ghouta continues to worsen…as the bombardment of Damascus residential areas continues," Russian General Yuri Yevtushenko explained.

Their actions undermine efforts to establish a ceasefire. Two days of Security Council talks failed to reach agreement on draft ceasefire resolution language.

A noon Saturday New York time draft resolution vote is scheduled, discussion on its text continuing to try reaching consensus.

Russia will accept a resolution with enforcement guarantees, assuring both sides observe ceasefire.

If past is prologue, expect US-supported terrorists to breach any ceasefire agreed on like every time before.

Conflict resolution depends on defeating and eliminating them, along with forcefully challenging Washington's imperial aims.

As long as US-led terror-bombing and occupation of northern and southern Syrian territory continue, used as launching pads and training camps for anti-Assad terrorists, conflict resolution will remain unattainable.

A Final Comment

During Thursday's Security Council session, Syria's UN envoy Bashar al-Jaafari accused certain SC members of endangering millions of Damascus residents by protecting and supporting al-Nusra and other terrorists in Eastern Ghouta.

He slammed UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres of involvement in trying to protect them, supporting Washington's imperial agenda instead of responsibly condemning it.

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