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Smearing Russia Over Former Spy Poisoning

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Smearing Russia Over Former Spy Poisoning

by Stephen Lendman - Home - Stephen Lendman)

UK Prime Minister Theresa May disgraced herself more than already, saying it's "highly likely" that Moscow is responsible for former Russian spy Sergey Skripal's nerve agent poisoning.

No credible evidence suggests it. Irresponsibly blaming Moscow for what happened is part of shameful Russia bashing, complicit with Washington.

It's a longstanding smear campaign, notably since Crimea joined Russia, escalated to hysterical levels with fabricated accusations of Kremlin meddling in America's political process over Trump's electoral triumph.

Skripal's "Novichok" nerve agent poisoning is the latest cause celebre, the substance created years ago by the Soviet Union, easily produced by any nation today with technical know-how. Yet the Kremlin is automatically named the culprit.

It's no coincidence coming days before Russia's March 18 presidential election, a futile effort to smear Vladimir Putin, certain to be reelected overwhelmingly.

May has her own cross to bear, her position as prime minister shaky, using this issue to divert attention from troublesome issues surrounding her, along with trying to bolster her public standing.

Skripal's poisoning "was a direct act by the Russian State against our country, or the Russian government lost control of this potentially catastrophically damaging nerve agent and allowed it to get into the hands of others," she roared, adding:

If Moscow doesn't provide what she called a "credible response," her government will consider the incident an "unlawful use of force by the Russian state against the United Kingdom" - retaliation to follow.

When it comes to Russia bashing in America, Britain and elsewhere, facts, reason, logic and common sense are replaced by hysterical, irresponsible finger-pointing - at a fever pitch in the UK over the Skripal incident.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called what's going on a "circus show in Britain's parliament," adding:

"The conclusion is obvious - a next political media campaign based on provocation."

May's government should release information on the deaths of Alexander Litvinenko and Boris Berezovsky so far not revealed, she stressed.

"Before making up new stories, let somebody in the Kingdom tell us what the previous fairy tales ended in - those about Litvinenko, Berezovsky, Perepilichny and many others who died under mysterious circumstances on British soil."

Asked about the incident, Vladimir Putin said "(y)ou should first get things clear yourselves on the spot, and after that we will discuss this with you."

His spokesman Dmitry Peskov added "(w)e heard no (official) statements from British politicians or officials that Russia may be involved in this case somehow." 

"We've seen various insinuations in the British media, which sometimes don't boast objectivity at all. These reports should be taken for their real worth."

"In any case, this is not our affair at all. The aforesaid Russian citizen had worked for one of Britain's secret services. The incident occurred in British territory. By all means this is not an affair that concerns Russia, let alone Russia's leadership."

According to Russia's embassy in London, UK-based Russian journalists are being threatened in the wake of Skripal's poisoning.

Former UK national security advisor Peter Ricketts urged parliament to "punish Russia in a way that will make Vladimir Putin sit up and take notice."

Options he and Russophobic MPs suggested included expelling Russian diplomats, rescinding RT's license to broadcast in Britain, boycotting the June FIFA World Cup to be held in Russia, imposing more (illegal) sanctions, increasing NATO pressure near Russia's border, designating the country a state sponsor or terrorism, among other outrageous courses of action.

When hysteria replaces reason, anything is possible. A previous article suggested perhaps dark forces in America and/or Britain were behind Skripal's poisoning as a way to blame Russia ahead of this Sunday's presidential election.

It's inconceivable to believe  Moscow was responsible for what happened with nothing to gain and much to lose from the incident.

Further, if Russian authorities wanted Skripal eliminated, why didn't they act while in their custody.

His poisoning on British soil around eight years after emigrating to the country strongly indicates Russia had nothing to do with the incident. No motive or evidence suggest it. 

Yet Russophobic UK officials and media hysteria are at a fever pitch pointing fingers in one direction - the latest shameful example of irresponsible Russia bashing.

Former UK ambassador Craig Murray believes the incident "could be (an anti-Russia) false flag set up" - the most likely explanation for what happened.

Nothing whatever points to Russia's involvement!

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