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America's Imperial Agenda in Syria

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America's Imperial Agenda in Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Obama launched war on Syria for regime change, destruction of its sovereignty, along with wanting Iran isolated ahead of pursuing the same agenda against its government.

Trump escalated what his predecessor began, likely to be pursued more aggressively with neocon hawk Mike Pompeo at State - a warrior masquerading as a diplomat in his new role, a supporter of all US wars of aggression, likely more coming ahead with him involved.

Sergey Lavrov minced no words explaining Washington intends remaining in Syria "for a long time, if not forever," wanting the Syrian Arab Republic destroyed. 

Every nation America attacked post-9/11 became charnel house hellholes - peace and stability replaced by endless violence, chaos, mass impoverishment, and immiseration of most of their people.

In Syria, Washington intends "cut(ting) a huge chunk of Syrian territory from the rest of the country," said Lavrov, including an autonomous Kurdish region - these areas run by US-installed pro-Western puppet regimes if established.

Lavrov fears Washington intends attacking Syrian forces combatting US-supported terrorists in East Ghouta.

Moscow warned the Trump administration against attacking the Damascus countryside. Russia will respond harshly to this or similar provocations if occur.

Separately, in Tuesday testimony before Senate Armed Services Committee members, CENTCOM commander General Joseph Votel lied, saying:

"Our mission in Syria is strictly focused on defeating ISIS. The biggest threat in Syria right now is all the other instability that is taking place that is preventing the country from moving forward."

"Certainly Iran is an aspect of this but so is Russia." Votel turned truth on its head, calling both countries "arsonist(s) and firefighter(s)," adding:

"…I am concerned about this role that Russia plays in northern Syria and how it impacts all of our relationships and especially relations between us and Turkey." 

Ankara is "a key partner in the fight against ISIS here for a long period of time, and we do recognize they have legitimate concerns with security along their border from terrorism."

Fact: Washington and Turkey support ISIS and other terrorist groups. Both countries face no terrorist threats. Ankara is waging naked aggression in northern Syria against Kurdish YPG fighters.

Votel also slammed Iranian involvement in Syria, its military advisors aiding Damascus combat US-supported terrorists, he failed to explain.

America is an aggressor in multiple theaters, supporting terrorists, not combating them.

Moscow's sovereign independence, opposing US imperial wars, its intervention in Syria at Assad's request, letting Crimea rejoin Russia, and Vladimir Putin's redoubtable leadership shaming his Western counterparts, triggered a firestorm of hostility against the country - a daily propaganda blitzkrieg, intensifying from the Skripal affair, still further when Pompeo takes over at State.

Unthinkable confrontation between the world's dominant nuclear powers remains an ominous possibility.

Wars assure losers, not winners, notably for ordinary people in harm's way. 

Nuclear war assures armageddon, something only lunatics would pursue. 

Washington is infested with these types - why unthinkable nuclear war could happen by accident or design.

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