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Nikki Haley Ravings Reflect US Imperial Madness

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Nikki Haley Ravings Reflect US Imperial Madness

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Haley and John Bolton especially, along with other administration neocons, are lunatic fringe extremists.

They're trusted Trump advisors, hostile to world peace and stability, supporting endless wars of aggression, risking direct confrontation with Russia.

During Security Council sessions, Haley's rantings are disgraceful perversions of truth-telling, willful exercises in deception.

They reflect war-mongering extremism, ignoring US high crimes of war and against humanity, indifferent to rule of law principles. 

During Tuesday's SC debate over dueling Russian and US resolutions on Syria, she lied about Douma. No "barbaric acts" occurred.

Russia vetoed her resolution. If adopted, it would have legitimized US-led aggression on Syrian forces.

It condemned a nonexistent Douma CW attack. She lied saying Washington's "resolution guarantees that any investigations will truly be independent," adding:

"Russia's resolution gives Russia itself the chance to choose the investigators and then to assess the outcome" - an utter perversion of truth.

Moscow's resolution removed US-inserted loopholes, aiming to manipulate the investigation. 

Russia wants it conducted according to Chemical Weapons Convention rules and standards - truly independent and impartial. Its resolution included Syria's invitation for an OPCW fact-finding mission to visit Douma.

Haley's remarks turned truth on its head like all her ravings, on Tuesday insisting Syrian forces conducted a Douma CW attack.

Clear evidence disproves it. Haley lied claiming otherwise, citing a nonexistent "horror" in Douma," blaming Assad for what didn't happen.

Haley: "Month after month…Assad…with full support of Russia and Iran, has strung along this Council. They ignored our calls for a ceasefire." 

"They ignored our calls for political dialogue. They ignored our calls for deliveries of humanitarian aid." 

"They ignored our calls to stop using chemical weapons…And then, last weekend, (Syria) forced a moment of reckoning on all of us by gassing people of Douma."

Fact: All of the above is pure rubbish, bald-faced lies, fooling no SC members, along with everyone else following events closely.

Haley: Russia "trashed the credibility of the Council. They are not interested in unity or compromise." 

"Whenever we propose anything meaningful on Russia, Russia vetoes it. It's a travesty." 

"They have now officially vetoed resolutions that would hold these barbaric uses of chemical attacks by Assad six times."

Fact: These and similar remarks reflect imperial rage, facts discarded for ranting, perhaps prelude to US aggression on Syrian forces.

Haley: "History will record that, on this day, Russia chose protecting a monster over the lives of the Syrian people."

Fact: The "monster" is headquartered in Washington, with branch offices in Tel Aviv, London, Paris, Berlin, Riyadh and elsewhere.

Things may be on the cusp of dangerously escalating US aggression in Syria - the world's dominant nuclear powers on opposite sides of the conflict.

Nations are on high alert for what may be coming. Russia vowed to down any US missiles fired on Syria, along with striking their land and/or sea-based launch pads.

Humanity holds its breath ahead of what's possibly coming.

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