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Saudis Attack Yemeni Wedding Party

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Saudis Attack Yemeni Wedding Party

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Orchestrated and supported by Washington and Britain, Saudi aggression in Yemen is responsible for countless thousands of largely civilian deaths from blockade, terror-bombing, other violence, untreated diseases, and starvation - along with creating the world's severest humanitarian crisis, young children and the elderly most affected.

Overnight Sunday, a Yemeni wedding party was attacked - dozens massacred, scores more wounded, defenseless women and children harmed most.

The incident was one of the worst Saudi atrocities since launching naked aggression on Yemen in March 2015, conflict in its fourth year, no prospect of resolution in sight.

Saudi terror-bombing on the Hajjah province wedding party killed the bride, wounding the groom, the death toll sure to rise. 

According to Yemeni Health Ministry spokesman Abdel-Hakim al-Kahlan, Saudi warplanes overflew the attack site for some time, preventing ambulance and medical personnel from aiding the wounded.

A Riyadh spokesman lied saying the incident would be investigated, adding: "We take this report very seriously."

Saudis have no concern for human lives and welfare at home or abroad, brutalizing their own people, supporting ISIS and other terrorists in Syria, waging naked aggression in Yemen.

Despite virtual daily Saudi atrocities, it's largely a forgotten war, little major media reporting about it, almost nothing on cabal TV in America.

Numbers reported killed way undercount the true toll, many times more than official numbers, likely several hundred thousand, mounting exponentially from Saudi atrocities.

An earlier Saudi airstrike killing over five dozen civilians was graphically described by a survivor, saying:

It was like "something out of judgement day, corpses and heads scattered, engulfed by fire and ashes."

Yemenis experienced many "judgment day(s)" since conflict began over three years ago, millions in the country enduring hellish nightmare conditions.

Following the wedding party atrocity, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres issued a pathetic statement through his spokesman saying:

"The Secretary-General reminds all parties of their obligations under international humanitarian law concerning the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure during armed conflicts."

He's an imperial tool, serving interests of America and its rogue allies, failing to sharply condemn their naked aggression - shaming the office he holds.

Yemeni suffering continues endlessly. Daily terror-bombing assures countless more atrocities ahead.

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