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US Jerusalem Embassy Shows Contempt for Palestinians

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US Jerusalem Embassy Shows Contempt for Palestinians

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Trump's move to the international city was an act of political state terror - contemptuous of Palestinian rights.

On Monday, US and Israeli officials, along with invited guests, celebrated the embassy's opening in temporary facilities - ignoring the mass slaughter of peaceful Gazan protesters throughout the day.

"What a glorious day for Israel," Netanyahu roared, adding: "We are in Jerusalem, and we are here to stay" - ignoring his culpability for bloody Monday in Gaza.

From Washington, Secretary of State Pompeo "celebrate(d) the opening of the United States Embassy to Israel in Jerusalem…recogniz(ing) Jerusalem as Israel's capital."

He pretended to support a "lasting and comprehensive peace between Israel and the Palestinians the US and Jewish state abhor and reject.

From Washington Trump tweeted "US embassy opening in Jerusalem…A great day for Israel!" - one that will forever live in infamy along with bloody Monday in Gaza.

While criticizing Israeli violence against Gazans, Western media falsely accused Hamas of stoking it.

The NYT criticized Israeli use of live fire on Gazans, while shamefully saying "Israel has every right to defend its borders, including the boundary with Gaza," unthreatened by Palestinians or anyone else, adding:

"Gazans are undermining their own cause by resorting to violence, rather than keeping their protests strictly peaceful" - a bald-faced lie.

The neocon CIA house organ Washington Post falsely said Gazan "protesters were urged by organizers to breach the fence to enter Israel" - another bald-faced lie.

Gazans protested peacefully against intolerable blockade conditions, the world community doing nothing to help relieve their suffering.

Some in their ranks tried displaying Palestinian flags on the border fence, not breach it. They oppose its oppression - virtual imprisonment suffocating them.

Israeli military intelligence-connected DEBKAfile (DF) disgracefully accused Hamas of "orchestrat(ing) the deadliest day of Palestinian violence in Gaza since 2014" - ignoring Israeli Nuremberg-level high crimes against humanity.

DF turned truth on its head, suggesting Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, and/or Hamas may launch rockets on Israel in response to bloody Monday, despicably adding:

"Hamas will not relent on its attempts to flatten the Gaza-Israel border for a major invasion of Palestinians bent on terror."

Palestinians throughout the Territories are braced for Nakba Day Israeli state terror already begun against them - while the world community yawns and does nothing to relieve their suffering.

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