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The Douma Incident Revisted

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The Douma Incident Revisited

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

The false flag Douma incident occurred on April 7, a victimless nonevent - no one killed, hospitalized or ill from exposure to toxic chemicals. 

Douma eyewitnesses and local medical personnel debunked the falsified narrative. Visiting the site days after the alleged incident, Russian technical experts found no evidence of chemical toxins in soil samples and other analysis.

Yet the incident was falsely called a Syrian CW attack by Washington and its imperial partners - a bald-faced lie to unjustifiably justify days later US, UK, French aggression on multiple Syrian sites.

Bending to US pressure, OPCW delayed visiting Douma for 11 days, falsely saying it was too unsafe to come sooner. Baloney!

The town was liberated, the OPCW team guaranteed security by Syrian and Russian forces. It was safe for the fact-finding mission members to come to Douma straightaway after the alleged incident.

A month after visiting the town to collect soil samples for analysis, no report of its findings was issued so far, an unacceptable delay.

Last month, Washington claimed it has credible (sic) information that Syria and Russia delayed OPCW inspectors from visiting Douma to remove chemical evidence.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the following:

"Russian officials have worked with (Syria), we believe, to sanitize the locations of the suspected attacks and remove incriminating evidence of chemical weapons use" - a bald-faced lie.

So-called video evidence showing men, women and children foaming at the mouth was fake - prepared by the al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets, masquerading as civil defense workers.

On Friday, Russia's Defense Ministry said OPCW inspectors found no evidence of CW use in Syria. Yet Washington is pressuring the organization to report otherwise - a ministry statement saying the following:

"It seems as if the OPCW simply has no convincing proof of the involvement of Damascus in a 'chemical attack' in Syria's Douma that was used as a pretext for a missile strike of the US, the UK and France against Syria."

"That is why, the initiators of the missile strikes are trying to compel the OPCW into voicing any accusations against Damascus," adding:

Washington and its imperial partners want the organization empowered to name " 'the guilty party' instead of the Joint Mechanism for Investigating Chemical Weapons Use in Syria that was discredited and ended its activity at the end of 2017."

The Trump administration wants the OPCW used as "an instrument of political pressure on Syria under the control for US machinations."

It's already an imperial tool, serving Western interests. Giving it unacceptable new powers beyond its official mandate is part of Washington's plan for escalated aggression on Syria for regime change.

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