Article Image All Merchants Can Accept Bitcoin in 10 Minutes Using AnyPay

All Merchants Can Accept Bitcoin in 10 Minutes

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"Super-easy. It takes 2 seconds. It's a little different than credit cards, so there is a learning curve for the servers, but after they figure it out, they sometimes decide to take the digital cash for themselves as a tip! Who can turn down money that grows doubles in value every year? We get an extra 3-4 tables per week who pay with digital cash, and most of them were not regulars until we started taking it. It's a no-brainer.

We've been taking digital cash for about 6 months and it's been a great choice. We hold the digital cash and only turn it into dollars when we need to use it for an emergency. It's helped us out of a pinch more than a few times, and the value of the digital cash keeps rising. Steven helped us set it up, and it's been super easy. Plus, we get new people coming to the theater who wouldn't otherwise be buying tickets and drinks.

We've been accepting digital cash for over a year now, since Steven introduced us. It's been an easy and profitable decision. Every month we get money that grows in value. We hold it as digital cash and don't convert it to dollars because we expect the value to keep rising as more people start using it. But we always could spend it, if we wanted. We'd rather save it. The best part is -- it's like cash, so no one needs to know how much you have!"


You won't believe how easy it is