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Shameful Rage Against Syrian Conference on Disarmament Leadership

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Shameful Rage Against Syrian Conference on Disarmament Leadership

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

The annual Conference on Disarmament was established by the international community to discuss issues on this topic, as well as draft arms control agreements.

Sixty-five nations comprise its membership, including warriors states waging wars of aggression, disdaining peace - notably America, belligerent EU countries, Israel and Ukraine, among others.

Member-states take turns in assuming the rotating presidency. On Monday, it was Syria's turn for the next four weeks.

US envoy to the conference Robert Wood disgracefully said "Syria has neither the international credibility nor any moral authority" to lead the forum, "given what they have done to their own people with use of chemical weapons," calling Monday "one of the darkest days" in conference history. Washington is considering "how best to" respond.

Other Western countries partnering with US aggression criticized Syria's conference leadership - ignoring their criminal complicity with Washington's war on humanity, Syria one of their victims.

UK envoy to the conference Mathew Roland shamefully said Syria consistent(ly) and flagrant(ly) disregard(s) international nonproliferation and disarmament norms and agreements" - a bald-faced lie.

Washington and Britain partner in each other's high crimes, waging endless wars of aggression, supporting numerous tinpot despots worldwide.

Their conference membership is clearly unacceptable, leading it when their turn comes up an affront to their countless millions of victims.

They relish wars of aggression, deplore peace - America by far the world's leading human rights abuser globally over a longer duration than any other nation in world history.

Claims about Syria using CWs are bald-faced lies - US-supported terrorists alone using them repeatedly, falsely blamed on Syria by America and its belligerent allies.

There's nothing civil about years of conflict in the country. Since March 2011, Syria has been victimized by ISIS and other US-supported terrorists, recruited from scores of nations, struggling to eliminate this scourge - to preserve and protect it sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In recent years, the Conference on Disarmament has been largely a talking forum, accomplishing nothing toward furthering world peace because America and its rogue allies reject the notion.

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