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Oath Keepers Founder's Statement on Tommy Robinson's Arrest and Free Speech

Written by Subject: Free Speech

by Stewart Rhodes

What is now happening in England and Europe truly is the light of liberty being snuffed out, as the brave Dutch politician Geert Wilders says in this video statement:

The right to free speech is being directly violated in a systematic fashion by the ruling oligarchs and by their far left fellow travelers, all in the name of multiculturalism, but really in the service of the destruction of Western Civilization and the ushering in of a Big Brother thought police totalitarian society that Hitler would have been proud of.   Frankly, when it comes to free speech, Britain is now already under sharia law.

Not only is Tommy Robinson being arrested and imprisoned to stop his speech, but American critics of Islam, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, were banned from entering the U.K. to speak.

Here is Robert Spencer's statement about the loss of free speech in Britain: fpm/270277/death-britain- robert-spencer

Like many American libertarians, I used to believe that the warnings against the spread of fundamentalist Islam into Europe were exaggerated, until I saw the mass demonstrations of Muslims in European countries calling for the silencing and even the death of the cartoonist who dared to draw Mohammad with his turban shaped like a bomb.   Those were MASS demonstrations calling for the suppression of free speech, for the criminalization of criticism of Islam and its prophet, and calling for the death sentence to be used to punish that "crime."   In other words, massive numbers of Muslims in the West were demanding what would have happened to that artist if he lived in a fundamentalist Sharia law regime in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia.  That is what they wanted – what they supposedly left behind when they migrated to the West.

And then I read the excellent book, Londonistan: How Britain is Creating a Terror State Within

by Melanie Phillips.

She describes in detail how the British government coddles, supports, and refuses to deport radical clerics who preach the most violent and militant strains of Islam, all calling for the overthrow of the British Constitution and the establishment of sharia law in Britain.  It is not moderate, westernized clerics who are being allowed in, but the most radical.   And when they commit treason against Britain, nothing is done.

And then I read the works of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and I saw that this is a problem intrinsic within Islam as it is currently practiced worldwide.   https://www.theahafoundation. org/

Does that mean that all Muslims are fundamentalist radicals who want a sharia law theocracy?   No, but it does mean that a massive number of them are.   One survey I read stated that 51% of American Muslim respondents said they would prefer to live under sharia than under our current laws here in the United States.   That is a real problem.

As Ayaan Hirsi Ali says, Islam has a serious internal problem, and there is a struggle within Islam between the moderates and the fundamentalists, with the fundamentalist clerics currently dominating.   She is working to try to reform Islam, in alliance with actual moderate Muslims who sincerely wish to modernize their faith and give it a form of "reformation."   I consider that a worthy mission, but one that is going to take decades if not generations, and until such time as those moderates succeed in reforming Islam, it is foolish to allow a mass migration and immigration of Muslims who are clearly not moderates, who will bring their fundamentalist views with them, refuse to assimilate and westernize, and instead insist that the West must become more like the Muslim nation they emigrated from.  And such Muslims will support the destruction of free speech and all the rest that comes with Sharia in the West.   It is already happening, and it will only get worse.

And, as made abundantly clear by all of the above pro-Western activists, those fundamentalist Muslims are being aided, abetted, coddled, and defended by leftists and globalists in the West, who have contempt or even hatred for their own civilization.   Far from being defenders of the West, they can't wait to see it torn down.

What we are seeing in Britain and in Europe is what we will see here unless we take a firm stand against it.  And part of that stand needs to be supporting those who are on the ramparts in Britain and in Europe, just as we supported them when they stood against the Nazis.

Stewart Rhodes

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