Russia Bashing NYT-Style

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Russia Bashing NYT-Style

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

On virtually anything related to Russia, the self-styled newspaper of record is a bullhorn lying machine with global reach.

All the news it claims fit to print is pure rubbish on Russia and other major geopolitical issues - truth-telling banished from its reports.

Its editors, reporters, commentators and contributors operate the same way, feeding readers disinformation, Big Lies and fake news, suppressing what's vital to explain - notably on issues of war and peace, geopolitics, Israel, and most everything on Russia, inventing reasons to bash Putin and Kremlin policy.

In response to fake news about Kiev-based Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko's death, the Times and other media scoundrels blamed Russia for what didn't happen.

Alleged corpse Babchenko turned up alive. US-installed Kiev putschists claimed the stunt was staged to catch a contract killer hired to assassinate him - irresponsibly blaming Russia because Babchenko is a vocal Kremlin critic.

The scheme backfired, destroying Ukrainian regime and its media credibility more than already - even in the eyes of their supporters.

Before Babchenko emerged alive, the Times said "it did not take long for the Kremlin's denial machinery to shift into high gear," adding:

"Another case of Russophobia, cried government officials and their media acolytes, anticipating that Russia would be blamed. An attempt to mar the World Cup soccer tournament; a typical example of Ukraine's 'bloody crimes and total impunity.' "

With egg on its face again, the Times failed trying to explain its misreporting, calling "reality…more complicated" with no murder, no corpse, no Russian responsibility for a Kiev regime stunt.

Its explanation fell flat, the Times and other media scoundrels complicit in the Big Lie by automatically blaming Russia - this time for a non-incident.

The Times: "One thing is certain: The Kremlin will seize on this official deceit to show the lengths to which its enemies will go to tarnish Russia."

Fact: "One thing (for sure) is certain." The Times and other media scoundrels go way out of their way to invent reasons to bash Russia - at the same time, supporting Washington's killing machine, waging war on humanity, force-feeding neoliberal harshness on most Americans, so privileged ones can benefit at their expense.

The Times: Denial is "Russia's reaction to all accusations of foul play, whether it's the well-documented charges by the Netherlands, Australia and other nations that it was responsible for downing a Malaysian jetliner over Ukraine in 2014, killing 298; or the British accusation that Russia was most likely behind the poisoning of a double agent and his daughter in England; or the charge by American intelligence agencies that Russia meddled in the presidential campaign."

Fact: All of the above is shameless Russia bashing disinformation - uninvolved in Western accusations of foul play; Kiev and Washington responsible for downing MH17, not Moscow; UK and US handiwork behind the Skripal incident; no Russian US election meddling - no evidence showing any of the above accusations are true.

Kremlin denials on all of the above and other false accusations are accurate, plenty of evidence showing US-led Western regimes and their supportive media are liars.

The Times mocked Russian denials, part of its bashing strategy, serving as a mouthpiece for wealth, power and privilege, supporting what demands denunciation.

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