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Blender Files Released for Animation of the Precariat Ship...

Written by Subject: Pirates Without Borders


DESIGN CONTEST COMING! Stay tuned for details...

Prizes for integrated designs of...

Captain's Cabin Design

Captain's Launch

Crew Cabins

Launches/Escape Pod Design

"Release the Ship"

Download the .blend files for the Precariat here. You will also need Blender to work on the ship. You can "fork" your own design, or contribute to the main design. Please post any questions or updates on the forums at

As always, please donate crypto-currency to support my work.

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3D Printing

This is my first pass at creating STL files for 3D printing. An all-in-one manifold mesh that could be printed as one part would require redrawing the ship from scratch.

In the meantime, Here are some STL files generated from the original mesh if you want to try to print. Good luck! Please post your results on the forum thread.

Warning: These files are a mess. There are multiple separate pieces, and nothing is a manifold mesh. You will not be able to print these files without spending a lot of time separating and closing the meshes with your 3D printing tools.

There are 3 files. The main body with all the components. The solar panels expanded. And the solar panels collapsed.


Have been working on an animation of the Precariat. Added a level 5 window, and a rear window to engineering (which may become something else). Here's the clip of a "quick assembly", virtual tour, and flight put to obscure but inspiring 70's music.

If you have any comments or ideas to share, post on the forums.  

            The Big Idea


Here are some other renderings...



















Contribute / Support / Donate / Reward / Encourage / Inspire

All my work here is voluntary. I'm hoping others will support & encourage my efforts by donating crypto-currency to motivate me to keep working on the ship. You can help by donating Monero, Bitcoin CashLitecoin, or any crypto-currency you wish via


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About Me (Cameron)

I am a fan of Blender with a manufacturing & programming background. I don't consider myself an "artist", because I mostly use Blender for technical drawing. I hope to learn more about the other aspects of Blender to truly be able to create artwork & organic character animation.

I'm also a long time listener of Ernest Hancock's Declare Your Independence radio show. As well as other liberty oriented podcasts. When he started talking about the Precariat and asked for someone to build a 3D model, I thought "I could probably do that".

Little did I know it would take months to create the basic ship from scratch. A much bigger project than I expected. But once I had time invested, I felt I had to finish so it wouldn't be a complete waste of time. The more time I spent, the harder it was to abandon.

I now have hope that Ernie can promote the ship and it will generate enough interest that people will appreciate the time I'm putting into the project and donate to make it all worthwhile.


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