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Lavrov's Remarks on Syria

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Lavrov's Remarks on Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

On July 4, Lavrov addressed ongoing Syrian and Russian efforts to liberate southwestern Syria from US-supported terrorists.

ISIS and al-Nusra "control about 40 per cent of the territory in the southern de-escalation zone and are trying to expand their presence there," Lavrov explained.

Government forces are trying to expel them, aided by Russian aerial operations - halted earlier this week during negotiations with US-supported terrorists, resumed on Wednesday after talks broke down.

Lavrov: Russia is working with Syria "to persuade (US-supported terrorists) to conclude an agreement on reconciliation, lay down their arms and return to peaceful life."

Some agreed. Others continue fighting. "(A)s we continue to oust terrorists in Daraa and across southern Syria, we will provide humanitarian aid to the civilian population and do our best to make sure that people can return to their homes as soon as possible."

Since intervening at the request of Damascus in September 2015, Russia has been on the side of the angels, Washington backing the devil - ISIS and other cutthroat killers, using them to try replacing Syrian sovereign independence with US-controlled puppet rule, along with endless violence and chaos as in all other US war theaters.

When Putin and Trump meet for summit talks in Helsinki, Finland, all issues relating to Syria will be discussed, Lavrov explained.

Russia maintains "zero tolerance" with regard to ISIS and al-Nusra. Combatting them continues until they're eliminated in Syria.

Lavrov slammed the notion that "Iran must leave and everything will click into place, (meaning) Syria but also…the entire region," calling the demand "absolutely unrealistic," adding:

"It is impossible to" resolve regional problems without Iranian involvement. Middle East countries with issues needing resolution "should sit down at the negotiating table, state their concerns and start talking on how they can remove them on a mutually acceptable basis." 

"There is no other way. It is necessary to act in the same vein as regards the settlement in Syria or any other problem in this volatile region."

On Friday in Vienna, foreign ministers from all JCPOA signatory countries will meet to discuss how to save the agreement - no simple task. Washington won't attend because of Trump's unlawful pullout.

Separately, Israeli forces increased their presence along the Syrian/illegally occupied Golan border.

Is it a "precautionary" action for security as claimed or ahead of possible cross-border belligerence?

Israel has no regional enemies except invented ones. It supports ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria. 

The Netanyahu regime maintains the unlawful right to terror-bomb Syrian positions at its discretion - operating in cahoots with Washington.

Both countries continue pursuing the same imperial regime change objective.

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