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The Liberty Advisor Podcast - Crypto Wealth Edition 2

Written by Tim Picciott Subject: Bitcoin

The Liberty Advisor Podcast - Crypto Wealth Edition 2

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Welcome to episode 2 of the liberty advisor podcast Crypto wealth edition.  Today we are going to go over quite a bit of news some of topics we cover and this in the order we cover them are:

An update on the Crypto sentiment index

Coinbase tries to trademark BuidL while also adding z cash

The Feds blacklist and Iranian wallet and try to monitor privacy coins

One US Congressmen is attempting to pass a bill which would regulate the  ICO market and prevent them from being classified as securities

Nasdaq confirms launch of bitcoin futures in 2019

Bitgo brings renowned trust lawyer  out of retirement to help their custody division

One institutional manager wagers $1M that crypto will outperform the S&P 500 over 10 years

Another Japanese firm speculates Bitcoin will make a new all time high in 2019

And then we get into the bitcoin cash lawsuit and all things bitcoin cash vs bitcoin sv . 

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So we are here today with Chris Karabats.  Chris is an ambassador for Smart Cash and all around knowledgeable guy on both traditional markets and the crypto markets. Chris is tied into a ton of things going on in the crypto space and today we thought we'd introduce and go over the news. 

The past two months I've been guilty of paying more attention to the stock market but we have a ton of developments going on in the crypto space and first I wanted to see if you wanted to expand upon your bio a little bit and then lets get into the news.

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