State Department Bald-Faced Big Lies on Venezuela

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State Department Bald-Faced Big Lies on Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

On Friday, US envoy for regime change in Venezuela Elliot Abrams held what the State Department called a "special briefing" on the country. 

A notoriously despicable figure, he's convicted felon and unindicted war criminal, belonging in prison doing hard time, not in high office to plot more high crimes. 

US 1980s dirty Central American wars he orchestrated in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala were responsible for over 300,000 deaths, countless thousands more brutally tortured, and millions forced into exile.

He remains unaccountable for high crimes of war, against humanity, and genocide too grievous to ignore. He likely has an encore in mind for Venezuela.

I suspect it's what the Trump regime intends following its failed Plan A, unable to roll over the country's democratic government easily as believed - notably because of opposition from millions of Venezuelans, its military, and most other nations.

The vast majority of Venezuelans, the world community, including Latin and Central American countries, the EU, African Union, and UN oppose intervening in Venezuela militarily. 

Most world community nations, including the UN, are against illegally interfering in its internal affairs, flagrantly violating the UN Charter and other international law.

It's why I believe the Trump regime won't choose the military option, at least not unless all other options fail, a Contra-type proxy war its likely strategy, assuring escalated violence, mass bloodshed, and chaos, similar to Central America wars, if things play out this way. 

Instead of reporting accurately on what's going on and likely planned, establishment media support what demands denunciation, operating as press agents for imperial aggression - and not just against Venezuela, against all nation the US lawlessly attacked and others on its target list for regime change.

On Friday, Abrams recited a litany of bald-faced Big Lies on Venezuela. His credibility lost long ago, nothing he says can be believed.

He lied claiming there's "very broad international support for democracy in Venezuela and for the National Assembly and interim president Guaido."

Indeed there's "broad international support for" Venezuela's democratically elected government, not for eliminating it or for usurper in waiting Guaido. The world community overwhelmingly rejected him publicly or by refusing to endorse him as the Trump regime demanded.

Only regional, EU, and a few other US vassal states went along with the lawless scheme. Abrams lied claiming otherwise.

He noted more illegal US sanctions on Venezuelan officials imposed by the Trump regime during the week, turning truth on its head saying targeted individuals are "responsible for undermining Venezuela's democracy" - one of his many bald-faced Big Lies on Friday.

He lied accusing Maduro supporters of "abus(ing) or violat(ing) human rights" - a US specialty, the world's leading human rights abuser on a global scale, including at home.

He lied claiming Maduro's government "st(ole) from the Venezuelan people" - another US specialty, transferring America's wealth from ordinary people to its privileged class, the greatest heist in human history, countless trillions of dollars stolen - including by looting the resources of other countries.

He lied saying Maduro's government prospers "at the expense of the liberty and prosperity of millions of Venezuelans" - how Washington operates, not Bolivarian social democracy.

He told a whopper of a Big Lie, claiming "(t)he United States…support(s) the Venezuelan people as they strive to reclaim their democracy."

The Bolivarian Republic is the hemisphere's leading democracy. Trump regime hardliners want US-controlled puppet rule replacing it - waging political, economic, financial, and sanctions war to try achieving their diabolical objectives.

Venezuela's struggle to preserve and protect its sovereign independence and social democratic governance is ours. Support is needed from freedom-loving people everywhere - allied with millions of Venezuelans, wanting to remain free from the scourge of exploitive/repressive US imperial dominance.

A Final Comment

On Friday, Maduro's Foreign Ministry issued the following statement, saying:

"Venezuela categorically rejects the use of unilateral measures announced by the (Trump regime) against Venezuela's military (referring to illegal sanctions) in the framework of Washington's failed strategy to facilitate the overthrow of the constitutional government and constitutional President Nicolas Maduro," adding:

"The (Trump regime) thus confirms its aim to harm patriots in the military who act in support of Venezuela's constitution, sovereignty and territorial integrity."

The Foreign Ministry called on the international community "to ensure compliance with the United Nations Charter with its fundamental principles and goals in order to stop an imperialistic aggression against Venezuela's sovereign people."

The Bolivarian nation's struggle against US imperial viciousness warrants and needs universal support.

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