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Help render the next Pirates Without Borders 3D animation!

Written by Cameron Subject: Pirates Without Borders

If you would like to contribute to future Precariat animations, you can donate your computer time to cloud rendering. No knowledge of 3D animation is required.

There is a "Pirates Without Borders" render team on This team will help future Precariat animations, and even render your own animation using the cloud.

If you plan to do your own design and want to render your project using the PWB render team, you can join here (and also join the PWB team after you have logged in). All team members will help each other. Any computer time you donate will be under your own account. And if you join the PWB team, your work will benefit everyone on the team.

If you don't want to create an account, you can still donate computer time using my (Cameron's) account. Your work will still benefit the PWB team.

Step 1 - Download the Client

Visit and download the program for your system (64-bit Windows or Mac/Linux).

Step 2 - Run the Client

If you've created your own account, use your account/password to login to the client.

If you want to use Cameron's account, enter the "render only" credentials below :

Username : cameron

Password : VJMKifj2R27PA4a2rkecAByEVbH3sepFnZvDJgfX

By default the program will use 100% of your computer 24/7. You can manage this by selecting fewer resources, lower priority, or schedule the program only to run when you're not using your computer (see below).

Select "Auto sign in" to remember the password next time.

Click "Start" to begin rendering.


That's it! The program will download all the necessary files and render animations for other people. Helping others will give credit to the PWB team which can be "spent" on the next animation project. When someone in the PWB team renders a project, your computer will help them first.

You can minimize the window. If you close the program it will stop rendering.

Scheduling specific times to render:

You can also specify to render while you're at work or sleeping. This is achieved by using the command line option "-request-time".

To render between 6pm and 6am, open a "cmd" window and enter "sheepit-5.1292.2977.exe -request-time 18:00-23:59,00:00-06:00" (6pm-midnight, midnight-6am). Or "09:00-17:00" to render 9-to-5. Choose any time that works best for you. The client will "sleep" until the time you specify, then wake up and start rendering.

(Be sure to use the proper location where the client is located. You could also make this command a windows shortcut).

Happy rendering & thank you for donating your computer time!