Article Image Hotel Reservations @ the Sheraton Crescent Hotel in PHX only $79/night for Vaccine Education Summit!

Hotel Reservations @ the Sheraton Crescent Hotel in PHX only $79/night for Vaccine Education Summit!

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Sheraton Crescent Hotel in Phoenix, AZ is the site of the 2019 Vaccine Education Summit!

Sheraton Phoenix CrescentClick on the link below to reserve your room now!


Only $79/Night


Article ImageVaccine Education Summit Sat Sept 28th, 2019, 8-5 pm @ Sheraton Crescent PHX - Advanced Ticket Sales



accine Education Summit 2019 brought to you by "Arizona Coalition for Medical Freedom" & "Freedom's Phoenix". More information will be updated at, but you can go there now to see all the awesome speakers from the previous summit (2016)...

Join us to hear from those in the science, medical and legal communities as they speak on the topic of vaccines.

Advanced ticket sales - $100 Each (ticket includes Vaccine Education Summit plus Lunch).



Vaccine Education Summit Tickets, Vendors, Donation Options


Date And Time

Sat, September 28, 2019; 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM MST


Sheraton Phoenix Crescent - 2620 West Dunlap Avenue;  Phoenix, AZ 85021

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Refund Policy

Contact the organizer to request a refund

Confirmed Speakers:

James Lyons-Weiler - CEO and President at Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge. Other Webpage: 

He is the author of several books, one on Ebola, another on Cures vs. Profits and a third on The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism". Rest of BIO HERE.

Dr Judy A Mikovits, PhD (Molecular Biology) - Researcher; Author; Advocate for Health Education and Freedom. Webpage:

Dr. Judy A. Mikovits earned her BA in chemistry with a specialization in biology from the University of Virginia in 1980 and her PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from George Washington University in 1992. In her 35-year quest to understand and treat chronic diseases, she has co-authored seminal papers culminating at least a decade of research in each of four fields: immunology, natural products chemistry, epigenetics, and HIV/AIDs drug development. In 2006, she became attracted to the plight of families with neuroimmune diseases including ME/CFS and autism. Dr. Mikovits has been primarily responsible for demonstrating the relationship between environmentally acquired immune dysfunction, chronic inflammation, and these diseases.

Dr. Mikovits has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles, many in the world's top medical journals and she has been profiled in Discover magazine as well as the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Her pioneering work during her 20-year career at the National Cancer Institute includes the discovery of the modulation of DNA methylation machinery by human retro viral infection and the development of the concept of inflammatory cytokines and chemokine signatures of infection and disease, which was first published in 1999, when she directed the Laboratory of Antiviral Drug Mechanisms in developing therapeutics and diagnostics for HIV/AIDS and AIDS associated malignancies.

These are all therapies that are still the standard of care twenty-five years later and credited with saving millions of deaths from HIV/AIDS.

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