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Trump Regime Reportedly Planning Strikes on Syria's Military

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Trump Regime Reportedly Planning Strikes on Syria's Military

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Throughout years of US launched war in Syria, using ISIS and likeminded jihadists as proxy foot soldiers, Damascus was falsely blamed for toxic chemical attacks carried out Pentagon/CIA supported terrorists.

In April 2018, the US, UK and France launched 100 or more cruise and air-to-surface missiles on Syrian targets — based on falsely blaming government forces for using chemical weapons on its own people in Douma.

The accusation was fabricated. No incident occurred, no one reported ill, hospitalized, harmed or killed by CWs! 

The incident was fake to unjustifiably justify US-led aggression on Syrian sites, more to come any time other pretexts are invented to keep waging war on a nation Washington doesn't control, threatening no one.

On Friday, AMN News reported the following:

"The US could launch airstrikes in response to the alleged chemical weapons attack by the Syrian military in the Latakia Governorate town of Kabani, the Russian aviation publication Avia.Pro reported on Friday." 

The Russian publication reported the following:

"The appearance of inaccurate information that the Syrian Arab Army again used poisonous chemicals against civilians led to Washington's possibility of launching new large-scale attacks on Syrian government forces using aircraft and warships, which is partially confirmed by representatives of Syrian intelligence," adding:

Syrian experts, citing military  sources in the country, "expect the US to launch air strikes on Syria in the very near future (probably within the next two weeks), using false accusations of…Damascus…using…chemical weapons as an excuse."

Pentagon warplanes increased over-fights of Syrian territory, suggesting strikes on its military and/or government targets are coming — based on Big Lies.

Pompeo earlier admitted that as CIA director: "We lied. We cheated. We stole." Clearly nothing he says can be believed.

On Thursday, he falsely blamed Syrian forces for using chlorine gas last May in Latakia province — despite no credible evidence suggesting it.

"We're going to do everything we can reasonably do to prevent this kind of thing from happening again," he roared, suggesting planned US terror-bombing strikes are coming, adding:

The May incident was "the latest instance in a long pattern of Assad's chemical weapons attacks that have killed or wounded thousands of Syrians" — a bald-faced Big Lie, falsely blaming Damascus for CW attacks and other atrocities, carried out by US supported ISIS and other terrorists.

A shameful Al Jazeera propaganda report, falsely blamed "Russian-backed (Syrian) forces (for) repeatedly us(ing) chemical weapons against civilian targets in its brutal quest to end the civil war."

There's nothing remotely "civil" about US aggression on a nonbelligerent country. The US, Britain, France, other NATO countries, Turkey, the Saudis, and their anti-Syria partners bear full responsibility for years of terror-war on Syria and its people — including CW attacks and other atrocities committed by jihadists they support.

Twice before, the Trump regime and its imperial allies terror-bombed Syrian forces and government targets — based on falsely accusing Damascus of using CWs.

Is another attack imminent? Will Trump escalate US aggression in Syria more than already — after vowing to pull Pentagon forces out of the country early this year?

On Thursday, the hawkish NYT headlined: "US Concludes Syria Used Chemical Weapons in May Attack" — virtually supporting more Pentagon aggression.

Nowhere in the propaganda report (or any others) did the self-styled newspaper of record explain that no credible evidence proved Syrian use of CWs any time during years of war — just phony US accusations based on Big Lies and deception.

Nor has the Times ever explained US responsibility for aggression in all its war theaters throughout the post-WW II era, including mass slaughtering millions of civilians, turning vast areas to smoldering rubble — remaining unaccountable for the highest of high crimes.

Syria is one of numerous victims of US aggression — its preemptive wars cheerled by the Times and other establishment media, operating as virtual press agents for the endless rape and destruction of one nonbelligerent state after another.

That's what the scourge of US imperial rapaciousness is all about — humanity's greatest threat.

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