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Trump Regime Propagandist Pompeo

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Trump Regime Propagandist Pompeo

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

In late October, the Wall Street Journal reported that Pompeo "discussed (entering) the (2020) US Senate race in Kansas with billionaire Charles Koch...for the open seat vacated by retiring Sen. Pat Roberts."

On Thursday, Roll Call said "Republicans in Washington and his native Kansas (indicated)  that nothing they have heard would lead them to back off efforts to recruit Pompeo to run for an open Senate seat in the" state.

He has 2024 presidential ambitions, perhaps wanting to use his secretary of state background, along with a successful Senate run, as a platform for higher office.

The prospect of him as president and commander-in-chief with his finger on the nuclear trigger should terrify everyone.

He never met a US war of aggression or by other means against sovereign independent nations threatening no one he didn't wholeheartedly endorse.

His hostile rhetoric defines him, militantly supporting what just societies abhor.

In a Friday address, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall from the city, he called communism a "disease," and "insanity," ignoring endless US wars of aggression after Soviet Russia dissolved in December 1991. 

Bipartisan US dark forces ruled out a hoped for peace dividend. Cold War 2.0 followed its first version, the threat of nuclear war more ominous today than throughout the post-WW II through 1991 period because of US hegemonic aims.

Russia, China, Iran, and other sovereign independent nations are falsely called existential threats by the US, their world peace and stability agendas ignored.

Instead of a new peace, equity and justice era following Germany's reunification and Soviet Russia's dissolution, the scourge of US imperial rage for dominance and Western neoliberal harshness created dystopian conditions for countless millions worldwide.

US officials and supportive establishment media consistently blame victims of its hegemonic drive for world dominance for crimes committed against them.

In his address, Pompeo falsely accused Putin-led Russia of "invad(ing) its neighbors and slay(ing) political opponents" — US, NATO, Israeli specialties, not how the Russian Federation operates.

Pompeo: Moscow "suppresses the independence of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine" — a bald-faced Big Lie.

Pompeo: "Russian authorities… use police raids and torture against Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians who are working in opposition to Russian aggression."

No "Russian aggression" exists, plenty by the US and its imperial partners. Nor are Russian "police raids and torture" used against anyone at home or abroad — US specialties in its war theaters and elsewhere, including in its global gulag of torture prisons.

Pompeo directed some of his most mean-spirited venom at China, accusing its authorities of "suppress(ing) its own people…encroach(ing) on the sovereignty of (other nations), den(ying) travel privileges to critics," and other accusations.

All of the above reflect how the US operates worldwide. Its ruling regimes notoriously blame other nations for its highest of high crimes gone unpunished.

Pompeo maintained the illusion of democracy in America, Germany, and elsewhere in the West — fantasy versions only, the real thing not tolerated, including in other countries.

China's Global Times (GT) slammed his hostile rhetoric and arrogance, calling him "muddleheaded," adding:

The Berlin Wall symbolized East/West isolation. "Today's China is highly open. We encourage the free flow of people and goods…in accordance with internationally accepted rules." 

"But the US…is building walls" along its border with Mexico (and) "invisible ones between China and the US." 

"Thirty years after the end of the Cold War…US elites that dominate Washington's policies" are an unparalleled global menace. 

China maintains cooperative relations with other countries, its outreach polar opposite Washington's hegemonic aims.

GT: "American elites such as Pompeo have become hysterical due to their ideological paranoia. That's why they keep targeting China (and other countries) in a rude and stupid manner" — making enemies while Beijing, Moscow, Tehran, and ruling authorities of other nations seek cooperative relations with other countries.

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