New EU Foreign Policy Chief in US Pocket Like His Predecessors

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New EU Foreign Policy Chief in US Pocket Like His Predecessors

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

US-orchestrated new world order post-WWII transformed sovereign Western European countries into virtual US colonies.

Their status remains largely the same, allied with US imperial adventurism, part of its endless war/anti-peace and stability agenda.

It includes hostility toward nations on its target list for regime change, notably Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, China, Russia and Iran.

When Trump abandoned the JCPOA nuclear deal in May 2018, a Security Council adopted international agreement, making it binding international law, signatories Britain, France, Germany and the EU went along with a higher power in Washington, breaching their obligations the same way.

On Monday, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif slammed the EU strongly, saying:

"We are certainly dissatisfied with the (lack) of commitment by the European Union and member states to the implementation of the JCPOA," adding:

"This subject was brought up in the (JCPOA Joint Commission) meeting both by Iran and the two other non-European JCPOA parties, namely Russia and China, in an explicit manner and with remarkable coordination among the three countries." 

"Moreover, the other issues mooted in the meeting involved the necessity for genuine fulfillment of the JCPOA commitments by other (parties), and that the Islamic Republic has always been prepared to halt its measures on the basis of (JCPOA) Article 36 in case the others honor their commitments."

Iran remains in full compliance with its voluntary commitments. So do Russia and China. The US is a lost cause. Supporting its hostility toward Iran and other sovereign states shows Europe is no better.

As long as it remains in violation of its international obligations, Iran will keep scaling back its voluntary commitments.

Zarif stressed that the clock is ticking. EU countries disingenuously say they want the JCPOA preserved. 

Their hostile actions toward Iran and breach of their international obligations show otherwise by surrendering to US "bullying and pressure."

On Friday, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said "until the time solutions are found so that Iran can benefit from the nuclear deal, Iran's process of reducing commitments (that's allowed under the JCPOA) will continue."

Araqchi added that since May last year, EU signatories to the deal failed to fulfill what they're mandated by law to observe.

Separately, new EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell unacceptably criticized Iran nearly straightaway in office.

Ignoring US dirty hands all over days of violence in Iran last month, he falsely accused Iranian security forces of a "disproportionate response" against what he wrongfully called "nonviolent protesters."

Iran's Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli set the record straight last week, saying hooligans were responsible for targeting "(o)ver 50 military bases…34 ambulances, 731 banks, 140 government sites, 70 gas stations, nine religious centers, 307 private vehicles, 183 military vehicles and 1,076 private motorbikes…attack(ing) and torch(ing)" them.

Iran's Chief of Staff Chairman General Mohammad Baqeri said widespread violence and vandalism last month was "a plot that had been devised and orchestrated against the country," destabilization its aim.

Calling on Iranian authorities to "live up to their international obligations, especially the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights" by Borell ignored US responsibility for what happened.

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Abbas Mousavi slammed his unacceptable remarks, saying:

"The Islamic Republic of Iran rejects any instrumental and political use of human rights against independent countries," adding:

"Respecting the rights of people is a principle and a necessity of national security to the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a democratic establishment, and the Islamic Republic of Iran's performance over the past four decades clearly indicates our country's seriousness in promoting human rights and protecting the rights of people." 

"Popular protests and holding demonstrations are among the recognized rights of people in the Islamic Republic, but exploiting this right to loot or attack people and public places is intolerable, as it is not tolerated in Europe itself, an obvious example of which is the police action against demonstrators in Paris which has resulted in large casualties, injuries and arrests so far."

Neither Borrell or his predecessor Mogherini denounced the Trump regime's war on Iran by other means, its economic terrorism against millions of ordinary Iranians.

These officials and most others in Europe are complicit with US crimes of war, against humanity and other hostile actions against nations threatening no one.

Iran is at peace with its neighbors, respecting their sovereignty and territorial integrity.

US-dominated NATO wages endless war of aggression, its hegemonic rage the greatest threat to humanity's survival.

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