Article Image Christmas with Kokesh Livestream!

Christmas with Kokesh Livestream!

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Christmas is a time for cheer!

It's great to gather around with family and friends and celebrate the things we each hold most dear to us.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a family to celebrate with.. And there are still others that have been forcibly separated from loved ones via family court and the criminal, Injustice System.

So Team #EndTheFed has put our heads together and decided to be there for anybody feeling lonely on Christmas.

My team and I will be taking turns going LIVE from my Facebook Profile on Christmas Day from Noon to Midnight.

Calling it a suicide vigil might be a little dramatic: Contrary to popular belief, suicide actually goes down slightly in December.

We just want to let anybody feeling lonely on Christmas Day know that you have a family out here.

Hell, you don't even have to be lonely! My team members are really great people and I'm sure it will be fun spending some time on Christmas with us.

Please SHARE THIS EVENT so people on your friends list will know that they don't have to spend Christmas alone.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Adam Kokesh

American Referendum Project