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An Eye-Opening Event Regarding Unethical Wall Street Practices w/ Susanne Trimbath Fri Jan 10, 1-5pm

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An Eye-Opening Event Regarding Unethical Wall Street Practices

Will Take Place in Tempe on January 10, 2020:


Sierra Vista, AZ – December 27, 2019 -   Is  Wall Street  fleecing investors by engaging in the unethical practice of naked short-sellingan abuse of the otherwise legal system of short-selling stocks? 

Many of the largest U.S. brokers stood accused in federal court before 2008 of conspiring to defraud clients and investors. Were they creating systemic risk, undercutting the rigor of investment analysis and victimizing portfolio management? Were they conspiring to swindle billions from ordinary investors in the stock market? Are investors still exposed to such large losses? 

These shocking questions and other critical issues are discussed in detail by a high-level researcher with both experience and expertise in stock market operations in the new book by Dr. Susanne Trimbath, a research economist with operations management experience. "Naked, Short and Greedy: Wall Street's Failure to Deliver" gives a sobering account of naked short selling, the failure to settle, and the efforts over decades, trying to get this fixed. Twenty-five years ago, Trimbath was working "backstage at Wall Street" when a group of corporate trust specialists told her about a problem in shareholder voting rights. When she went to senior management at Depository Trust Company (DTC), then and still the largest securities depository in the world, they brushed it off saying, "You can't balance the world." Ten years later, a lawyer from Texas would tell her that the same problem was about to blow up the financial markets: Wall Street brokers are using short sales and fails to deliver to grab the assets of American entrepreneurs. This is a cautionary tale. What started as a regulatory failure turned into a regulatory crisis. Shareholder democracy is in shambles. The institutions that were established to correct a problem of trade settlement failures have instead exacerbated the problem. Global financial markets may not survive what comes next.

At the event, Dr. Trimbath, a high-level speaker with both experience and expertise in stock market operations, will explain how trading practices on Wall Street exploit the loopholes in the settlement system to the detriment of both entrepreneurs and investors.

This important event will take place on Friday, January 10, 2020 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm, at the Hampton Inn & Suites Tempe/Phoenix Airport, 1550 South 52nd St, Tempe, AZ 85281.  Books will be available at the door for a special pre-distribution price of only $30.

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