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Alex Aquarius (Vaccine Industry Professional) on making high pH rinse

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How to Make ORMUS -1 - Complete - Dead Sea Salt - How to Rinse ORMUS - Plane Mundane Show:

I will show you how to make and rinse a batch of ORMUS as I do it, and drink it on camera at 9.8 pH (Basic/Alkaline). Discussion of common drinks and their pH levels. Optimal is 9.3 - 9.5 pH after 6 -7 rinses. Mixing level to begin a batch is between 10.7 and 10.8 pH. If you go over 11 pH and it doesn't come back down immediately, throw it out because It will never get below 10 to drink it and you will get the wrong mix of minerals and metals.

Explanation of how ORMUS works in the Cell Cytoplasm to raise vibration qualities of the fluid in every cell of your body.

You'll notice I got some lye on my face touching my nose and mouth and it was irritating my skin. - BE CAREFUL and wash your hands.

How to Make ORMUS - 2 - Dead Sea Salt - pH Meters - The Numbers - Plane Mundane Show:

Follow up to my previous video today, another draining. pH meter problems and quality issues. How to drain your water with a tube and clothespin.

How To Make ORMUS - 3 - Monoatomic Dead Sea - ORMUS & Water Cocktail - New pH Meter - Alkalinity!:

Benefits believed by some are: Lose inflammation, trim down, gain energy, be more aware, with a high blood pH level and the right metals and minerals in your cells.

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