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Now Is the Time for the World Community No Longer to Tolerate Illegal US Sanctions

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Now Is the Time for the World Community No Longer to Tolerate Illegal US Sanctions

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

US sanctions on targeted nations are acts of aggression by other means.

They're illegally imposed to crush economies and immiserate the people of nations the US doesn't control.

They're illegal because Security Council members alone may impose them, not individual nations on others.

It's not enough for individual or groups of nations to urge sanctions relief by the Trump regime for Iran and Venezuela.

Now is the time for the world community of nations to no longer observe what's illegal and imposed to serve US imperial interests — not for any wrongdoing or threat posed by targeted nations.

At a time of spreading highly contagious COVID-19 outbreaks worldwide, it's vital for the world community of nations to unite cooperatively to contain them.

What affects one country can harm others by cross-border transmission that, in turn, can harm more countries the same way.

Defeating COVID-19 worldwide will likely take months or longer, what all nations should prioritize cooperatively.

Calling for the Trump regime to ease sanctions on Iran and Venezuela because of spreading COVID-19 outbreaks in these countries isn't good enough.

The same holds for all nations the US illegally sanctioned, including Russia, China, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua, and others.

On Monday, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borell called for the (US-controlled loan shark of last resort) IMF to provide requested funding by Iran and Venezuela to aid both countries combat COVID-19 outbreaks and treat affected individuals.

Both nations requested $5 billion in aid, Venezuela's request denied, the same virtually certain for Iran because Trump regime hardliners want maximum hardships and human suffering imposed on their people and others in nations on the US target list for regime change.

Borell said the EU intends supplying Iran with over $20 million in humanitarian aid to combat COVID-19, claiming it's not in breach of US sanctions — an unacceptable weak-kneed response.

Last week, 25 organizations wrote the Trump regime, urging sanctions relief "to serve the interests of the Iranian people and public health across the globe." 

The groups called for a "time-bound suspension" of 120 days instead of petitioning the world community to ignore imposed sanctions on all nations illegally targeted henceforth — not something temporary against Iran alone.

What's illegal demands universal opposition, not partial actions falling way short of what's needed.

The US is an unprecedented enemy of world peace, equity, justice, and the rule of law.

It's the most egregious violator of human and civil rights globally.

Its hostile agenda poses the greatest threat to the lives and welfare of ordinary people everywhere if not challenged and no longer tolerated.

Global unity to combat COVID-19 is an opportunity to do the right thing.

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