Article Image All of you that said the Covid-19 scare would not be used by gov**Q**t officials to increase their p


All of you that said the Covid-19 scare would not be used by gov't officials to increase their

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All of you that said the Covid-19 scare would not be used by government officials to increase their where is happening!

The Utah House of Representative is proposing Bill HB3009 TODAY. This bill gives the governor, mayors, county commissioners and other officials, legislative power to enforce emergency orders by implement police control over property AND over people.

Line 97/107 reads, "to a declared emergency that...(ii) applies to all or substantially all; individuals or certain class of individuals...for the protection of the public heath and in response to the declared emergency; [to] EXERCISE PHYSICAL CONTROL OVER PROPERTY AND OVER INDIVIDUALS: [to] establish, maintain, or enforce isolation or quarantine; [to] establish, maintain or enforces a stay at home order;"

I cannot express enough how this languages is extremely destructive to our everyday liberty. This is a gross and extensive overreach of the power the PEOPLE of Utah have delegated to their legislatures. Even if this bill is passed, it must not be allow it to be enforced.

We must do everything we can to ensure that, "exercise [of] physical control over property and over individuals:" does not become the role of our government officials!

Please, I pray that you may open your eyes and see what is happening!

If you live in Utah you must DEMAND that Representatives in the House vote NO on HB3009. If you live outside of Utah and know people that live in Utah, contact and inform them of what legislatures in their State are about to do.

Here is a link to the Utah House Representatives website so you can contact them:


Ammon Bundy