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Iowa's Lesson.... Blanket FLYER the Churches.

Written by Subject: Eugenics

WE FLYERED FOUR CHURCHES WITH RON PAUL SLIM JIM’S LAST SUNDAY. We all must get everyone of the REST of the churches distributed to, over the next 30-days, as much as numerically possible, during these early primaries.

We must reach evangelicals through direct contact. 

They will not hear Dr. Paul’s MORAL message from:

  1.  Their power-driven ‘leaders’/masters.
  2.  The CFR MSN TV
  3.  Evangelists and their endorsements
  4.  Timid misinformed sheep-like peers

SO they need to get it directly form Ron Paul, through his Slim Jims & DVD's FROM US self-motivated Activists. The Reagan slim-jim and the Pro-life ones are the best for churches, when you can obtain them.  But any are better than none. 

Out of 400 Slim Jims last Sunday we distributed on windows last Sunday, I suspect at least 30 instant converts were made…..  who will be a talking, peer-pressure influence upon friends in their churches.  Therefore I expect a 100 converts within two-weeks by word of mouth from last Sunday’s morning’s 4-church 90-minute effort.

I usually Mapquest & print a master street page all the churches in an area first, or sometimes just drive around main streets.

When I go to a church parking lot, I park down the street, throw on a light Slim Jim loaded backpack.  I work the parking outskirts first, working my way into the areas near the front and the front windows.

I firmly slide them into the driver’s window rubber for the driver’s convenience, or when it doesn’t fit (1x10 times), then upon the Driver’s windshield, under the wiper blade.

3 out of 4 times, I finish the job peacefully & happily, with a large sense of accomplishment after looking back at a sea of flyers in a saturated parking lot.  Viva Ron Paul and his important moral messages!

1 out of 4 times I am asked to leave, after I have finished appx. 60% of the parking lot., and so I do.  Who cares?  They’ll all be talking about him, next Sunday!  Mission Accomplished! 

1 out of 8 times I am asked by a self-‘important’/delegated person to leave their property AND Remove the flyers.  I kindly yet very firmly tell these people.  I will leave the property…. BUT the flyers already on the windshields are MY property given DIRECTLY to the person(s) who own each car and NOT THE CHURCH”S.  In other words, the public-accessed private property’s owners of the land can ask MY BODY to leave.  But my individual gifts to each individual property owner are a direct property-exchange between me and each individual car owner, NOT the churches.  In other words… leave your hands off my private (personal) property… and I will leave yours at your request.  Removing/taking them would actually be a theft.  I have been rudely told by war-mongers and control-freaks that I was an “insolent young man”, etc. for the above explanation, but again MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  The war monger wasn’t going to vote for Ron or save our freedoms anyway.

Don’t be afraid to slightly offend those who don’t care about real right and wrong or our country’s future anyway.  In this very late hour we have nothing to lose but our patriot-act chains.  Also remember that tyrant Hitler was supported by most of the German churches in the 1930’s.  We must not repeat that mistake, yet we all know we are headed there rapidly. I don’t care about a little offense. I want to reach the REMNANT in those congregations….  The modern day undiscovered Martin Luther’s, Mother Teresa’s, etc.   The good people who know the truth when they are finally exposed to it, and who will no longer Aid and Abet the wrong in this country with heart nor wallet!  MISSION AGAIN ACCOMPLISHED.

How far we have come from the 1770’s, when many freedom-loving pastors who openly supported and joined the Revolution, no matter what the cost.  Mass Martin Luther-type flyering is the answer to remind the Remnant again about the right and narrow road.

“Where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty Corinthians 3:17
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6
My, what a destruction!