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Rupturing US/China Relations: A Breach too Wide to Fix?

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Rupturing US/China Relations: A Breach too Wide to Fix?

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

History one day may explain that the US was its own worst enemy — along with being responsible for unparalleled harm to most people at home and abroad worldwide.

Its drive for hegemony over other nations is self-defeating longterm, the lesson of earlier failed empires not learned.

Its entrenched militarism is a state within the state, an untenable situation longterm. 

Its abhorrence of peace, equity, justice and the rule of law is heading it toward a possible military dictatorship or its civilian equivalent — things perilously close already.

Notions just societies cherish are considered threats to national security.

Despite facing no foreign threats, it's waging permanent war on humanity.

Under Republicans and Dems, one party with two militant right wings, governance is secretive, repressive, and hostile to what just societies hold most dear.

Homeland social decay is pervasive and deepening.

An unprecedented disparity exists between super-wealth and ordinary Americans.

The military, industrial, security, establishment media complex — out-of-control corporatism — threatens everyone everywhere by its rapaciousness.

Its world's largest global gulag includes a network of torture prisons worldwide — accountable  only to dark forces running things.

Hardline presidents and congressional leaders do what they please because checks and balances no longer exist — operating recklessly on a mission to rule the world unchallenged, no matter the human cost.

A secret, intrusive intelligence community with near-limitless funding operates with no oversight.

Establishment media operate as thought-control police gatekeepers — guardians of power against the public welfare.

Since the US emerged from WW II as the dominant world power, China became the only challenger to its political, economic, industrial, technological, and military supremacy.

Hegemons tolerate none, why irreconcilable Sino/US differences grow wider.

They have nothing to do with trade, everything to do with China's growing prominence on the world stage, challenging US supremacy with a more effective economic/financial/industrial model.

Both nations are rivals, not partners, risking a clash of civilizations that could rupture the relationship or something worse — possible military confrontation by accident or design as the bilateral breach grows wider.

The latest shoe to drop came Tuesday. Trump's FCC banned US companies from using its $8.3 billion Universal Service Fund to purchase equipment or technical services from Chinese telecom giants Huawei and ZTE.

A statement by FCC chairman Ajit Pai said the following:

"Based on the overwhelming weight of evidence (sic)," the agency declared both companies and affiliated operations "national security risks to America's communications networks – and to our 5G future (sic)."

US imports of their equipment and services were restricted or prohibited months earlier.

The same goes for obstructing their purchase of US high-tech parts and components from US companies without Washington's approval.

Notably Huawei is leading the race globally to roll out 5G technology — with multi-trillion dollar market potential despite the serious risk to human health and welfare.

The Trump regime falsely claims Huawei and ZTE equipment can spy on US government and private entities, no evidence presented backing the accusation.

Huawei's founder Ren Zhengfei and company chairman Ken Hu earlier stressed that the company "firmly stands on the side of customers when it comes to cyber security and privacy."

No evidence disputes him. The real issue is the race for global 5G leadership.

The US and China are competing for which country will be the leader in this technology that'll define the next generation of mobile Internet use, online-connected devices infrastructure to smart cities, and driverless cars.

Mobile Internet requires agreed on global standards, 5G specifications agreed on in late 2018. 

The race is on between Chinese, US, and European firms for who'll emerge as the 5G leader.

Huawei is far and away in the lead, why the Trump regime and Congress are waging war on the firm and China by other means.

It's all about aiming to prevent China and other nations from challenging US political, economic, financial, technological and military supremacy — hardball its chosen strategy.

US policy under both wings of the one-party state want corporate America to have a competitive advantage over foreign firms.

Sino/US tensions continue to escalate — despite no threat to US national security by any foreign governments.

The tougher Washington gets on China, Russia, Iran, and other nations free from its control, the greater the risk of confrontation.

China will surely retaliate in its own way at its own time in response to hostile US actions, including the latest ones.

Washington's drive for unchallenged global hegemony poses an unparalleled threat to peace, stability, and humanity's survival.

The lesson of two global wars were forgotten or never learned. 

Is a third one inevitable — potentially with super-weapons making long ago ones used seem like toys by comparison?

Will humans be the first species ever to destroy itself — and all other life forms with it?

What's inconceivable is ominously possible because of US rage to dominate other nations worldwide — no matter the risk to survival.

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