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UPDATE: CEO talks about ad ban on FOX over Paul exclusion

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[From Mike and Keith -- kudos Tyger: I've never seen anything like this.  Look at the bottom of this email page where there is an unprecedented pitch for Ron Paul!]
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Ron Paul, Fox News, & Me

Dear Customer,

Because Overstock advertises on Fox channels, Overstock has been receiving calls and email messages about Fox News decision to exclude Dr. Ron Paul from the upcoming January 6 forum in New Hampshire, a decision that seems especially rank given the fact that in yesterdays Iowa Caucus Dr. Paul out-polled Mayor Giuliani by a factor of 2.5:1. I always enjoy hearing from our customers, particularly those who display political commitment of any flavor, and I thank them for their calls and emails.

In October Dr. Paul came to Utah, and he and I visited for an hour in my office. After that meeting, I gave him the largest donation I could under federal law: it is rare to meet a politician who understands the Constitution, and rarer still to meet one who thinks it binds the government meaningfully (I would give Dr. Paul more were there not now a federal blackout on free speech known as "McCain-Feingold"). In a television interview last week I stated that, while for the first time in my life I felt there are several candidates qualified to be president, my #1 choice would be Dr. Paul.

That said, I believe that pulling Overstocks advertising from Fox would represent an inappropriate conflation of my personal politics with my corporate responsibilities: thus, fellow supporters of Dr. Paul, my answer to you is, "no." However, I have contacted Fox and told them that, as a major advertiser, I believe it is unconscionable of them to exclude Dr. Paul from participating in this forum on January 6, thus denying our polity the opportunity to make an informed choice.


Patrick M. Byrne, Ph.D.


PS If you wish to join me in asking Fox to refrain from trying to warp the public discourse, email Fox Senior Political Producer Marty Ryan

PPS If you wish to learn more about (or support!) Dr. Paul, click here

PPPS There is no particular reason you should be interested, but in case you are, in the last several weeks I gave PBS and NPR interviews where I discussed these political views.

KUED PBS Television KUER NPR Radio

(You can also find and comment upon these on my blog,

Good catch by one of our commenters (Phoobar): Comment by: phoobaar 
   Entered on: 2008-01-05 20:54:19
   The Giuliani supporter lies:
I find it hard to believe the CEO of would lie about donating $2,300 to the Paul campaign.  Certainly he donated (early) to the Giuliani campaign as did a couple of other senior staffers.  But as he stated, after Ron Paul attended his organization in October, he donated to Paul's campaign (a not uncommon practice to donate to more than one campaign -- and maybe he was moved by Dr. Paul's message), and the database has not caught up [the HuffPo and the FEC ends 9-30-07, and will be updated 1-16, 08].  I am attempting to get clarification from the Paul campaign.  So hold off on the attacks please, as this won't take long to accurately confirm.  He does not appear to have donated to the other campaigns so he is not covering bases as some CEO's do.  -- Ed.
BYRNE, PATRICK M MR.     OVERSTOCK.COM/C.E.O.      PARK CITY     UT     84098     03/15/2007     $2300       Rudolph W Giuliani
SIMON, STORMY D. MS.     OVERSTOCK.COM/MARKETING      HOLLADAY     UT     84124     07/23/2007     $2200       Rudolph W Giuliani
TRYON, STEPHEN P MR.     OVERSTOCK.COM/EXECUTIVE      SALT LAKE CITY     UT     84121     03/31/2007     $1000       Rudolph W Giuliani
TRYON, STEPHEN P. MR.     OVERSTOCK.COM/EXECUTIVE      SALT LAKE CITY     UT     84121     06/07/2007     $350       Rudolph W Giuliani

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Comment by sonya windbiel
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I cannot log on to overstock and other sites from my less than a week old compaq, HP laptop computer. I added the address to my address book to  no avail.

I am not computer or politically savvy, so I do not understand what is going on, except for that I cannot shop.

I you could help me with this I would appreciate it.

respectfully, sonya w.




Comment by phoobaar
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The Giuliani supporter lies: