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Update: Today in Arizona/ Utah the LAST day to register to vote the Republican Presidential primary

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Monday, January 7, 2008 in Arizona and Utah is the LAST day to register Republican if you plan to vote for Ron Paul in the Presidential primary. 
You must be registered Republican to vote in the Republican Presidential Primary.
Registration Information

Arizona  [Online registration available]

Utah  [Online registration available]
Arizona Update:  Several callers on the Charles Goyette Radio Show this morning complained about not being able to access the Service Arizona online registration process not just this morning, but for the past several days -- way to QC Jan Brewer.  You can get on-board, but once you navigate to the actual registration page you are dropped.  This was confirmed by the Maricopa Co. Democratic Party who tried to get on today.  As a result, besides the Maricopa Co. Recorder's office being open, several of the County Democratic Party headquarters will be open until midnight -- look them up and call -- to take registrations.  They will register anybody of any party.  Keep in mind they must rush the forms over to the Recorder's Office before midnight so give them some lead time.   I would suspect the GOP may be doing the same thing, as will other County's Parties and Registrars -- call.

For Pima County only:

Forms must be postmarked today to qualify.

Additionally, you may register in person at your county recorders office ( ) during normal business hours or at the AZ Secretary of State office which will be open till midnight and is located at:
Capitol Executive Tower 7th Floor
1700 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2888