Sham Netherlands MH17 Related Lawsuit Against Russia

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Sham Netherlands MH17-Related Lawsuit Against Russia

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Neither Russia or Donbass freedom fighters had anything to do with downing MH17, killing all passengers and crew members, the incident occurring on July 17, 2014.

According to Reuters, the ruling Dutch regime is suing Moscow in the European Court of Human Rights.

Sputnik News reported that Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Bloc announced the suit.   

Russia should be suing the Netherlands for falsely blaming its government, a sham action, following a sham MH17 trial in the Hague — likely orchestrated by the US intelligence community, the Dutch regime's paymaster.

On orders from the Obama/Biden regime, Kiev putschists it installed downed the Malaysian airliner.

Russia's Defense Ministry earlier explained that a missile claimed to be responsible for the incident wasn't in its military arsenal, its production discontinued years earlier, more advanced systems replacing it, adding:

"The serial number unambiguously indicates that the engine was manufactured in the Soviet Union back in 1986." 

By 2011, missiles manufactured in that year "were withdrawn from service, written off or scrapped," adding:

"The sole reason why the JIT stays quiet about the origin of the missile engine manufactured in 1986 is the missile more than likely belonged to the Ukrainian armed forces."

What happened was a classic US-orchestrated false flag.

What possible motive could Russia or Donbass freedom fighters have to want a commercial airliner from any nation downed in Ukrainian airspace — clearly none.

The US, its imperial tool Ukraine, the Netherlands and other EU vassal states clearly benefit from falsely blaming Russia for their falsified blame game.

The so-called Joint Investigation Team (JIT) comprised of the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Malaysia and Ukraine followed Obama/Biden regime orders.

Moscow slammed the JIT for fabricating Big Lies about the incident, while ignoring eyewitness testimonies that conflicted with its falsified narrative.

Truth-tellers on the scene explained that the missile downing MH17 was launched from territory controlled by the US-installed Kiev regime's armed forces.

So-called JIT evidence (sic) came from anti-Russia Kiev putschists, along with fake computer-generated images on social media.

On July 10, the ruling Netherlands regime announced its sham anti-Russia lawsuit going nowhere.

Defying reality, it falsely claimed that its aim is "(a)chieving justice for 298 victims of the downing of Flight MH17 (sic)," adding:

It's committed to "the pursuit of truth, justice and accountability remains (its) top priority (sic)."

It's acting on orders from Washington, part of its war on Russia by other means.

The Trump regime continues the phony blame game its predecessor initiated.

Ukraine is US-occupied territory, using the regime it controls as a dagger aimed at Russia's heartland.

The whole world knows that Moscow was and remains falsely blamed for the US-orchestrated/Ukrainian downing of MH17.

US hostility toward Russia, China, and other nations it doesn't control risks things turning hot by accident or design.

On Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned that unacceptable US actions against Moscow and other nations risks an unthinkable nuclear standoff, adding:

"(T)he nuclear risks have increased substantially (from) the recent past," Washington to blame.

It "wants to regain global dominance and achieve victory in what they call a great power competition."

"We are particularly worried about the US' biennial refusal to reaffirm a fundamental principle: the premise that there can be no winners in a nuclear war, and, therefore, it should never be unleashed."

Over-the-top hardliners in both right wings of the US war party are hellbent for achieving unchallenged global dominance — ignoring the risks of unthinkable nuclear war if push things too far.

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