Russia Aims to Prevent Aid Meant for Syrians Diverted to US-Supported Jihadists

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Russia Aims to Prevent Aid Meant for Syrians Diverted to US-Supported Jihadists

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

On Tuesday, Russia and China vetoed an anti-Syria Security Council resolution submitted by Germany and Belgium on behalf of US/NATO/Israeli imperial interests.

It relates to providing humanitarian aid to Syria through Turkey.

The Trump regime and its imperial partners want aid meant for long-suffering Syrians diverted to ISIS, al-Nusra, and other jihadists they support.

Russia and China oppose what no responsible governments should endorse.

The Trump regime wants jihadists it supports supplied with so-called aid through two Turkish checkpoints to facilitate deliveries of heavy weapons and munitions to their fighters.

Russia wants one or more alternative routes used to deliver humanitarian aid to Syrians in need that's not diverted to jihadists for themselves.

Its UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia explained why the pro-Western/anti-Syrian people resolution was vetoed on Tuesday, saying the following:

Moscow's position on the cross-border mechanism (CBM) in place since 2014 "remains unchanged."

"It was established as an exceptional and temporary measure, approved by the Security Council to support the humanitarian relief activities in the war-torn country."

It's being gradually phased out, "replaced by humanitarian deliveries in accordance with the principles outlined in UNGA resolution 46/182."

Since Russia intervened in September 2015 at the behest of its government to combat US-supported ISIS and other jihadists, most Syrian territory was liberated from the scourge they and their imperial paymaster USA represent.

The need to supply Syrians with humanitarian aid nationwide continues because US direct and proxy aggression remains ongoing endlessly.

Nebenzia explained that Russia will submit its own draft resolution that extends the CBM for another six months through the Bab Al-Hawa crossing point alone, no others, adding:

"With the territory in Idlib controlled by terrorist groups reduced by 30 percent, we are confident that this border-crossing can cover all essential humanitarian needs of the population in that area." 

Calling on all other Security Council member-states to support its forthcoming draft resolution on Syria or any others that aid its people and support conflict resolution is wishful thinking like virtually always before.

Endless US aggression continues in multiple theaters, by Pentagon forces and jihadist proxies it supports.

No matter which right wing of the US war party controls things, its war on humanity continues endlessly — including at home against ordinary Americans.

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