Trump Regime Plot to Topple Nicaragua's Social Democratic Government

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Trump Regime Plot to Topple Nicaragua's Social Democratic Government

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Trump regime hardliners want Nicaragua's Danial Ortega-led Sandinista democratic government replaced by US-installed puppet rule.

On the phony pretext of promoting democracy in a nation where it already exists, Trump's USAID was assigned the task of eliminating it in Nicaragua — according to a document discussed by the Council on Hemispheric Affairs  (COHA).

A so-called "Responsive Assistance in Nicaragua (RAIN)" plot pretends to support what Trump regime hardliners want crushed.

The regime change scheme aims to replace the country's social democracy with US controlled fascist tyranny — a plot similar to the failed one against Bolivarian Venezuela.

On August 4, COHA explained that "(t)he US contract(ed) out its regime change operation in Nicaragua" in the run-up to and following its November 2021 presidential election.

Nicaragua's independent Radio La Primerisima reporter William Grigsby uncovered the diabolical plot that aims to transform the country into a US vassal state like many others in the region and worldwide.

Like countless other US regime change plots, this one involves misinformation, disinformation, fake news, Big Lies, and state-sponsored violence.

The RAIN scheme falsely claimed that ruling Sandinistas failed to run "free and fair elections (sic)," failed to win "a majority of the votes (sic)," and hold onto power by "manipulating" the electoral process (sic).

All of the above is rubbish. President Ortega was most recently reelected democratically in 2016 with 72% majority support.

Amnesty International once again burnished its imperial credentials by falsely accusing him of "adopt(ing) a strategy of violent repression (sic)," adding:

"Hundreds of people were arbitrarily detained and tens of thousands were forced to flee to Costa Rica (sic)."

"Nicaragua's worst human rights crisis in decades continued throughout 2019 (sic)."

"(T)he exercise of rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly were met with violent repression (sic)."

The above and more like it reads like a CIA-scripted handout about a nation the US targets for regime change.

COHA explained that "minor irregularities irrelevant to the result" occurred in Ortega's most recent overwhelming reelection triumph.

Claims otherwise were falsified. US-supported hostile to social democracy elements bear full responsibility for violence, the same true in Venezuela and elsewhere regionally — notably in Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Honduras and Bolivia where the US elevated right wing regimes to power.

Along with USAID involvement in plotting regime change against Ortega, CIA fingerprints are all over what's going on, likely the so-called National Endowment of Democracy (NED) as well whose mission is eliminating it wherever it exists.

Earlier US orchestrated violence targeted Nicaragua in 2018, COHA assistant editor Jill Clark-Gollub, saying:

The USAID document is a "coup-plott(ing) contract." It aims to return the country to US client state status.

Without US intervention, Ortega is virtually sure to be reelected again.

The RAIN document pretends that Nicaragua is affected by a "crisis environment," ousting Ortega needed to restore stability to the country.

Reality is polar opposite. COHA explained Sandinista-ruled Nicaragua "is at peace."

It's "coped with…COVID-19 (outbreaks)  reasonably well, and hasn't suffered the severe economic problems experienced by" neighboring states.

"(O)f couse (reality is) incompatible" with fabricated Trump regime claims to justify its unjustifiable agenda.

COHA explained that from 2005 to 2016, poverty in Nicaragua "was reduced by almost half."

The country has "a low crime rate, limited drug-related violence, and community-based policing."

Its "per-capita GDP increased by 38 percent—more than for any of its neighbors."

On August 4, US Senator Chris Murphy admitted what's well-known during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee meeting, saying:

The Trump regime's "Venezuela policy…has been an unmitigated disaster."  

'But all we did was play all our cards on day one, and it didn't work…And it's just been an embarrassing mistake after mistake since."

The same is true in one country after another that both right wings of the US one-party state target for regime change, including Nicaragua.

US "orderly transition" policy is code language for regime change by whatever it takes to achieve its objectives that include violence and other dirty tactics.

Since Sandinistas regained power in 2006, the Obama regime and Trump tried to topple its rule, another diabolical plot to unfold ahead.

All nations independent of US control are vulnerable to coup plots against their governments.

Hardliners from both wings of its war party claim lack of funds to aid tens of millions of unemployed Americans during the country's severest ever economic crisis.

But there's always unlimited funding for militarism, naked aggression, handouts to corporate favorites, and coup plots.

It's longstanding US policy, a fascist police state seeking unchallenged global dominance.

Masquerading as democratic, its wrapped in the American flag.

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