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LOVE Bus Liberty Tour Sign Stencil/Template PDF's

Written by Subject: LOV3 Bus Liberty Tour

(Information on ordering your own signs with PDFs listed below - Or schedule a visit by emailing Publisher@FreedomsPhoenix dot com

Stencil PDF's

Alone PDF

First Responders PDF

Hugs Over Masks Canada PDF

Hugs Over Masks Stencils PDF

Look At Me Corrected PDF

Look At Me2 PDF

Skull Stencil PDF

Smile PDF

Smile2 PDF

Liberty Wears No Mask PDF

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Also, show's detailing the signs, sign production, street activism: (Ric and Josh Curp - Michigan Activists)

And - articles about the signs and the LOVE Bus Liberty Tour:


Donna and Ric - an example of the signs we made:


Ric and Josh making signs - in the rain!