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Met some activists on the street corner holding up homemade anti-mask signs :)

Written by Subject: LOV3 Bus Liberty Tour

These young men decided they had enough with the face masks, and did something about it by making their own homemade signs and standing on a street corner in Commerce Township, MI. We had just set up sign-making production down the street less than four blocks away, then we left to go to our camping spot for the night and we saw them and got out to introduce ourselves and what we are doing on this tour. Others honked and stopped by to voice their support. They were very excited, and they will be on the show tomorrow morning and will help make and distribute signs tomorrow and this weekend as part of the Love Bus Liberty Tour ( They reasoned that this whole covid, tracking, and tracing thing is evolving into ID cards, and they were of the opinion that the whole covid-mask thing is a hoax and they wanted to share their opinion. We will hear it straight from them tomorrow morning.

Link to show from 09-04-20:

Here are some of the signs we made and put up all over Marquette, MI and other places in the U.P. of Michigan this past weekend:

Tuesday Sept 1:

Drove all the way up to Whitefish, MI after the show this morning, and waited  all day  to go to the Museum to see some exhibits and the gift shop to get some fudge, but they required masks in every building so we left -  went back to the RV, made some signs, and put them up along the entrance route to the museum

At Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum in Whitefish, MI:

Ernie and I are on the way to Whitefish in the U.P. of Michigan to do a show this morning from the Great Lakes shipwreck Museum that we will be visiting today after the show. Here are some pics of the journey north this morning




Monday August 31

Signs put up around Marquette, MI early Monday morning (about three quarters of the ones we put up are still there at about 4pm)...