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OPCW a Dirty Tool for Pursuing Destructive Western Designs

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OPCW a Dirty Tool for Pursuing Destructive Western Designs

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

In discussing the Navalny novichok poisoning hoax, Russia's Information and Press Department (IPD) stated the above reality. More on this below.

Time and again, so-called OPCW Fact Finding Missions show allegiance to US-dominated Western interests against sovereign independent nations on their target list for regime change.

The organization repeatedly breaches its mandate "to implement the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention…to achieve…a world…free of" CWs — transparently and impartially.

Its credibility and legitimacy were lost because of suppressing vital information to report, doctoring findings, and smearing truth-telling whistleblowers to serve US-Western interests.

It should be disbanded and replaced by independent chemical watchdog groups — sworn to uphold Chemical Weapons Convention provisions, free from external influence and control.

In collusion with the US-dominated West, the OPCW is involved in the Navalny novichok poisoning hoax, a statement by its director general Fernando Arias saying the following:

The organization "continues to monitor the situation and stands ready to engage with and to assist any states parties that may request its assistance."

Separately, the organization said it "received from the Federal Republic of Germany a request for technical assistance" on the Navalny incident, adding:

"A team of experts from the Technical Secretariat independently collected biomedical samples from Mr Navalny for analysis by OPCW designated laboratories."

"Results of this analysis are forthcoming and will be shared with the German authorities."

No evidence or motive links Russia to what happened to Navalny.

Clearly his illness is unrelated to novichok poisoning. Exposure to world's deadliest known toxin causes death in minutes.

A month after falling ill aboard a Tomsky, Russia flight to Moscow, Navalny is recovering and ambulatory.

Days earlier, Russia's Information and Press Department (IPD) said the following:

"We have taken note of the controversy arising at the instigation of Berlin, Paris, Stockholm and, perhaps, Washington, as the main 'keeper' of Euro-Atlantic 'solidarity,' the controversy over the requests by the Russian Prosecutor General's Office and the Foreign Ministry regarding the findings about the alleged poisoning of Alexey Navalny with an agent from the novichok group, which were made by the OPCW-certified laboratories in Germany, France and Sweden."

Berlin and the OPCW refuse to provide Russia with with samples of Navalny's biomaterials they collected for analysis by their toxicological experts.

"Clearly, this was done for political reasons so that Paris and Stockholm could automatically confirm Berlin's unfounded accusations against Russia," said its IPD.

Events surrounding Navalny are similar to the UK-concocted Sergey and Yulia novichok poisoning hoax in 2018.

No evidence on either incident was presented because nothing backs the fabricated novichok poisoning hoax.

US dirty hands were likely behind both incidents — in cahoots with the UK on the Skripals, partnering with Germany on Navalny.

His case appears to be all about dark forces in the US wanting Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany undermined.

When completed in the coming months, it'll supply Germany and other Western countries with about 55 billions cubic meters of natural gas annually — around 30% cheaper than US liquified natural gas (LNG).

Washington wants Europe reliant on US energy supplies over what Russia can provide more cheaply and readily.

Germany and other Western countries understand the benefits of Nord Stream 2's completion.

Days earlier, Spiegel International (SI) reported that there's "very little support" among officials in Angela Merkel's coalition government for suspending or abandoning Nord Stream 2.

Social Democrat (SPD) MP Florian Post stressed that Berlin authorities "lack…proof that Russian authorities had ordered the poisoning of Navalny," SI reported, adding:

"We would be shooting ourselves in the foot. Suspending Nord Stream 2 is not an option," quoting Post's remark.

SPD co-leader Norbert Walter-Borjans also opposes any actions that would jeopardize the pipeline's completion, saying:

"…Nord Stream 2 is… like a bridge with only the final stone missing. You don't leave it in ruins just because you have problems with each other now."

Strong opposition against jeopardizing the pipeline's completion was voiced by members of Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) party, SI saying:

While CDU "foreign policy point man and candidate for party chair Norbert Rottgen has publicly called for the end of Nord Stream 2," most others in Merkel's coalition oppose the idea.

"(N)o one (in Merkel's CSU) sister party…voiced support for (Rottgen's) position."

Russia's IPD stressed that claiming Navalny was harmed by novichok poisoning flies in the face of the fact that exposure to "(o)ne drop can kill" in minutes, adding:

For days, "the OPCW Technical Secretariat's official representatives shrugged their shoulders in response to our questions, (falsely) saying the OPCW was in no way involved in this Navalny affair." 

"Meanwhile, the Franco-Anglo-Saxon functionaries who dominate the Technical Secretariat carried out an entire covert 'operation' to collect additional biomaterial from Navalny, which was submitted for analysis to two more designated OPCW laboratories." 

"We will not be surprised if these end up being the Swiss Spiez and British Porton Down laboratories which featured prominently in the Skripal" novichok poisoning hoax.

"…Western countries have crossed all the lines and turned the once authoritative OPCW into a dirty tool for pursuing their destructive designs."

A Final Comment

Last week, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stressed that because of the "absurdity" of what's going on regarding Navalny, the Kremlin is "not going to take anyone's word" about the cause of his illness.

Claiming he was poisoned by a novichok-contaminated water bottle in his Tomsk, Russia hotel room was fabricated.

According to toxicology experts, if a bottle contained traces of the deadliest known substance, individuals touching or coming close to it would have risked contamination and death.

"The amount of the absurd and the number of questions keeps growing every day," Peskov stressed.

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