State-Sponsored Health and Welfare Harm to Ordinary Americans

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State-Sponsored Health and Welfare Harm to Ordinary Americans

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

State-sponsored Covid fear-mongering-induced mass hysteria is one of the Big Lies of our times — mass deception causing unprecedented harm to countless millions in the US and abroad.

Covid is a largely similar to seasonal flu/influenza disease. It's not a killer virus threatening humanity.

Most often, so-called PCR tests fail to distinguish between seasonal flu/influenza and covid — rendering them useless.

They're largely an instrument of mass deception.

According to Professor of Medicine John Bell, "(w)e see many false negatives (tests where no antibody is detected despite the fact we know it is there) and we also see false positives," adding:

"None of the tests we have validated would meet the criteria for a good test." 

Lockdowns — voluntary and involuntary house arrest — caused infinitely more harm to most Americans and small businesses than covid.

Annually in the US, tens of millions of Americans become ill from seasonal flu/influenza.

Hundreds of thousands are hospitalized. Tens of thousands die — with no pandemic fear-mongering, no lockdowns, social distancing or mandatory mask-wearing in public.

Covid fear-mongering convinced most Americans to turn their lives upside down, to accept the unacceptable.

It caused record unemployment in the US, forcing about 100,000 small businesses to shut down, along with numbers of medium-sized and large ones — increasing numbers declaring bankruptcy.

What's going on isn't natural. It was planned long before reported covid outbreaks.

Time and again, global crises were manufactured to serve corporate favorites, aiming to transfer wealth from ordinary people to privileged ones.

Since the neoliberal 1990s alone, that's what the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis, 2000 dot.com bust, and 2008-09 financial crisis were all about.

Covid is the mother of them all. Made-in-the-USA, it's all about consolidating maximum wealth and power in privileged hands at the expense of exploited ordinary people.

Press TV correspondent Ramin Mazaheri is right, saying both dominant US parties "want to destroy the average American," adding:

At a time of "desperately needed 2nd (economic) stimulus (aid) amid Great Depression" conditions, Dems and Republicans prioritize their own "lust for power" interests.

Focusing on November 3 elections, they failed to address mass unemployment, jobs creation programs to turn things around, and growing deprivation as top priorities.

In the US and West, poverty, unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, food insecurity, hunger, and human suffering are growth industries.

While neoliberal harshness is prioritized for ordinary Americans,  both right wings of the US one-party state agree on unlimited trillions of dollars for militarism, forever wars, and homeland security to protect privileged interests from social justice.

State-sponsored class war rages against ordinary Americans to benefit privileged ones.

Unemployment benefits for jobless US workers expired at end of July.

Instead of both parties straightaway agreeing on extended benefits, Trump, most Republicans, and some Dems rejected the idea.

For months, the White House and Congress focused more on November elections, along with serving wealth and power interests, than aiding unemployed Americans, small businesses in need, along with cash-strapped states and local communities.

After rejecting more stimulus pre-election, Trump about-faced last week with a $1.8 trillion proposal.

It followed a politicized House Dem-passed $2.2 trillion measure.

Speaker Pelosi's top priorities include greater self-enrichment, retaining power, preventing a second Trump term, and unjustifiably wanting him ousted from office while still president.

On Saturday, she called Trump's proposal "insufficient," adding:

"When (he) talks about wanting a bigger relief package, his proposal appears to mean that he wants more money at his discretion to grant or withhold."

She, likeminded Dems, and most Republicans prioritize spending to aid privileged interests, public need getting short shift when it's the most pressing domestic issue of our time.

They fiddle while essential aid to ordinary Americans goes unaddressed.

Reportedly on Saturday, Senate Republicans rejected proposals by House Dems and Trump.

Senator Lamar Alexander said "there's no appetite right now to spend the White House number or the House number."

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called federal aid pre-election unlikely.

As Depression-level unemployment and human need grow, Republicans and Dems dismissively ignore reality by failing to agree on delivering essential aid.

Instead of governance of, by, and for everyone equitably — what democracy is supposed to be all about — US and other Western powerful interests alone benefit at the expense of most others.

Things are more extreme today than earlier, worsening over time.

Its objective is transforming America and other Western countries into a ruler/serf societies, freedom eliminated, police state harshness controlling things. 

Growing new world order tyranny in the US and West is triumphing over free, equitable and just societies.

Manufactured covid hastened things — a diabolical plot against the rights and welfare of ordinary people in the US and abroad.

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