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Schedule of GOP Debates

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Schedule of GOP Debates:
Others ????? 
(Assuming the Bad Guys will face Ron Paul :)

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Comment by Hawkeye
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How can that be?
This very morning,(02-08-08) "CNN" mentioned the "Two Remaining Candidates" .
Of course the "MSM" does not have to worry because the Americans will never make them be honest,therefore they will not be honest.
At this point,I have not seen or heard of anything Americans have done that would make the "MSM" toe the ling........NOTHING AT ALL,SO! why should they worry?There is no penalty for their actions,NONE WHAT SO EVER.

Comment by Hawkeye
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This morning "CNN" mentioned the "Two remaining Candidates".
I hear people talking about how corrupt the "MSM" is,yet I don`t see the "MSM" getting too upset about it.They have not slowed down,at all.Why? because it`s all talk and they know Americans will do nothing to stop them....except Talk.

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