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1200 Vaccine Studies - by Dr Alan Palmer (IPFS Permanently Stored Access)

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02-12-21 -- Paul Rosenberg - Dr Alan Palmer - Mark Passio -- (MP3 LOADED)

Program Date: 02-11-2021

Paul Rosenberg (Freeman's Perspective) on his recent newsletter, LIFE, GEARED FOR HAPPINESS - Dr Alan Palmer (eBook: 1200 Studies) on Covid-19 Vaccines - Mark Passio (What on Earth is Happening) on One Great Work Network

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Dr Alan Palmer

1200 Studies - Truth Will Prevail PDF

IPFS Link Below - Permanently Archived File

Dr Alan Palmer

Dr. Palmer is the founder and director of two national chiropractic professional societies.

He is a health and lifestyle coach and has spent over three decades studying various healing arts and natural treatment options for all kinds of acute and chronic health disorders. He utilizes strategies from the world of clinical nutrition, functional medicine, therapeutics and natural healing. He has an intense and passionate desire to educate the world about the benefits of a natural healthy lifestyle and seeks to identify and treat the cause of a person's disease or condition, not merely treat their symptoms.

He is the author of 1200 Studies, a free eBook that is the most comprehensive scientific expose of vaccines to date. This research and reference tool contains excerpts from well over 1200 studies, written by thousands of scientists and researchers that contradict what we are being told by the vaccine industry and the media that they control. Published in a PDF format, it provides key word and phrase searching, links accessing each topic pages in the document from the table of contents and links in each subject topic to the original abstract or study online. These unique features make 1200 Studies an invaluable resource for easily accessing vital evidence based information that will bring truth and clarity to this very contentious and controversial topic.

My web site is

The FREE eBook can be downloaded from   Please encourage everyone to download it and share it widely!


Here are some Questions for Dr. Palmer interview on the COVID-19 vaccines

1. Is it true that these vaccines are considered experimental?

2. How long did they look for adverse reactions in the safety trials before they were approved?

3. What makes these vaccines different than previous vaccines?

4. What is in vaccines that is of concern?

5. What are the short-term concerns?

6. What about the long-term concerns?

7. Is there any recourse if you are vaccine injured?

8. Are the vaccines helping to slow the spread of COVID-19?

9. What about the ability of the vaccines to "protect" someone after the virus continues to mutate?

10. Should people that have had COVID-19 need to get vaccinated?

11. What is the risk for different age, poor-health and ethnic groups?

12. What about other early treatments? Why haven't we heard more about that?

13. What can people do to protect themselves?

To read or download a detailed paper or a 2-page summary on these aspects of the vaccines and more go to Dr. Palmer's website and click on the Health Topics tab at the top right of the page.

To download his eBook 1200 Studies- Truth Will Prevail or subscribe to his monthly COVID-19 truth newsletter, click on the Educational Portal tab at the top of the page.

And for information on how to protect yourself from viral infections click on the Health Protection Strategies tab at the top

Basically, go to each tab at the top of and you will find a wealth of health information!

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with Ernest Hancock Radio Show: