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The Future of The Ron Paul Revolution by Ernest Hancock (creator of the r3VOLution)

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The Future of The Ron Paul Revolution by Ernest Hancock (creator of the r3VOLution)
No one person created the Ron Paul Revolution, and Dr. Paul would be the first to explain that. But I wish to take a moment to share my thoughts on what has been accomplished and what can be expected in the near and distant future. I hope to make use of my notoriety as a very ardent supporter of Ron Paul’s efforts to encourage others to read what I have to say.
As the publisher of I have been closely involved with the coverage of the Ron Paul Revolution since before the r3VOLution. It was here in Phoenix, Arizona that the revolution logo, the holiday card logo  and the Patriot logo for the Super Bowl and Phoenix Open were born.
I have traveled from coast to coast doing whatever I could to promote individual activism and an understanding of the opposition we face. We have done our best to make all that we create, and how we create, available to all interested.
Here in Arizona we opened a 3000 square foot work area to start the r3VOLution. This office was maintained for only 8 weeks. We had hoped for only 4 weeks but that was the shortest lease we could find. From Dec. 11th thru Feb 11th (today) we opened for another 2 months in the same location in preparation for the Super Bowl and Super Tuesday. As planned, we will close once again. Many would like to have a workspace in preparation for the Arizona Elections that get started in earnest in the month of May. I might be involved in the effort to reopen another office that would fill our specific needs for the remainder of the election process into November, but to have an office for the sake of ego is a mistake.
At this point I am hoping to make it clear to any detractor that there are many of us that have always known that the congressional seat held by Dr. Paul will not be given up voluntarily. It has been via this resource that we know as much as we do about Dr. Paul and about the many issues that are of the most important to the survival of the Republic. Just as I have exercised my right to expression in support of the Ron Paul Revolution, I will be traveling to Texas’ 14th Congressional district to make it clear that there are many that support the re-election of Congressman Ron Paul so that we will continue to have him there to keep us informed from the inside,... ‘cause I can. (Creative signs and activities that the campaign would just as soon not know anything about :)
As a long time activist I am very pleased with Ron Paul’s willingness to take on the challenge of a run for the presidency for many reasons. Not the least of which is that I knew he understood how serious the opposition would be to his sharing his message with others. Those that have heard me speak about the Ron Paul Revolution or seen my videos or have worked with me in any one of the states that I have visited, know that I do not share the motivations of many Ron Paul Revolutionaries. On my radio show (archive) I have made it very clear over the years exactly what my opinion is about the role of government, the entire political process and the fraud of the electoral process that serves to justify this government’s existence.
However, I am just as specific as to how the entire process can be used to our advantage for as long as it is still available to us. As long as we are informed about how the process is under the near total control of those in positions of power over the elections, and every aspect of the election cycle that feeds into it (polls, caucuses, primaries, voting, media, election computers, ballot access laws, think tanks, lobbyist, military industrial new world empire complex order of (fill in the blank)  etc.) we can still have a very large influence about what is debated and discussed by directly communicating with our neighbors (Signs, DVDs, Printed Material, Internet, Talk Radio).
Many of the most informed and effective political activists have their own very small number of issues (often just one) that motivate them to action. And it is often this single issue that drives them. Ron Paul represented the idea that “Freedom’s the Answer,… What’s the Question”. It is this fundamental belief that was the initial base of support for Ron Paul’s effort. Experienced libertarian activists that couldn’t care less what was the popular sentiment of the planet’s editorial boards were, are responsible for the initial ‘injection of the libertarian infection into the bone marrow of the planet’s politics, for which there is no cure’. And it was this group that sparked the birth of the r3VOLution.
Having been acquainted with Dr. Paul and his positions before this past year, I was very certain what was going to happen. And I am just as certain what the rest of this cycle will produce.

Those individuals that made use of the Ron Paul Revolution to educate and free as many minds as possible feel a great sense of accomplishment and will be energized for the rest of this campaign cycle (if not the rest of their lives) to continue at whatever level their busy lives will comfortably allow (pace yourself, this is a very long and drawn out process). I don’t know when the pendulum will start going towards freedom, but I am certain that each day brings us closer. This process does not happen all at once,… but it does happen overnight. One day we will wake up to a totally new paradigm and our preparation will allow us to take advantage of the opportunity to take a very large step in the liberty direction. But knowing which direction to step is vital.
The most credible arguments that I was engaged in at the beginning of the decision to help Ron Paul’s effort or not, was that the campaign of Dr. Paul for POTUS would only lend credibility to a corrupt system that was used as nothing more than a distraction. With various ‘shiny objects’ demanding our attention, our liberties would continue to be stripped from us wholesale in the face of a coming economic collapse that would create another instance of the people begging for government relief. I was of the opinion that Dr. Paul’s willingness to focus on the economic cycle and the root of the problems we continuously face made the effort a large net gain for freedom. As a bonus I knew that the corrupt electoral system would be exposed to the very people I have been trying to reach for almost 2 decades.
Experienced activists here in Arizona are quick to expand and contract our resource base as needs arise and I am very happy to see that the Ron Paul campaign has demonstrated the same attitude towards freedom fighting. When you take away the egos so prevalent in politics the real needs of an activist effort is much clearer. I waited until over the weekend to comment about the Super Tuesday results because I was very interested to hear the opinions of those that had so closely aligned themselves with Dr. Paul’s presidential electoral success. Each and every time there has been a successful gathering of effort there has always been the “shiny badgers” that love to claim a title and thus the sanction to speak for others. I knew little time would pass before there would be attempts by good guys and bad guys to carve up the most effective political movement I have ever experienced in my lifetime to serve the purpose of (fill in the blank).
I don’t even see a fundamental problem with this expected outcome. Many that were drawn to Dr. Paul for a specific reason with now continue their voluntary alliances with those that they have come into contact with to the benefit of us all. Some that were disappointed that the Ron Paul Revolution didn’t include their specific point of view or that Dr. Paul didn’t wish to make their cause his, will now take what they have learned and continue their efforts with even greater strength and effectiveness.
The greatest accomplishment is the increased understanding of what is happening to this country. An entire generation thought lost to the public education/media/propaganda machine has become immune to the steady flow of lies that they have been constantly subjected to their entire lives. The unplugging of America from the collective Matrix has taken a very large step and I am very satisfied with the ground taken.
My first hand experiences across the country with the younger activists have provided me a great deal of hope for the future prospects of liberty in my lifetime. Those that have declared the Ron Paul Revolution ‘over’ never understood how the creators of it saw the overall goal from the beginning. The r3VOLution between the ears of as many minds as possible was the goal. How do you get millions of people to unlearn the truth?
Years of activism has taught me that convincing individuals to stop supporting the beast that is devouring their life, liberty and property is a very worthy goal and a first step to finding new friends in the various efforts to resist the Bad Guys.
Bad Guys are easy to spot. ‘There are those that wish to simply be left alone and then there are those that just will not leave them alone’,… which are you? No matter what noble ‘fill in the blank’ reason you have to not leave me alone, you are still a Bad Guy when you advocate stealing from me anything that is mine. Simple.
It is this sentiment that often turns libertarians into anarchist that would just as soon there be no government to contend with. The overlapping of all freedom oriented individuals is often the moral understanding that the use of force to achieve any goal is a tell tale sign that Bad Guys are close behind the effort. Ron Paul’s advocacy of voluntary markets in all things is a very effective message that has staying power in the minds of all that will have an ever increasing understanding of the power of liberty.
So what happens now? Since I haven’t voted for 6 years I am much less moved by the results of government controlled voting computers. I don’t view elections the same as many of you might. I do run for office and make a very good showing of it by all the traditional standards (while making clear how corrupt I know the system to be), but it is the 3 months prior to the General Election that I focus my attention on a public that pays attention to such things for a very short period of time (if at all). We are very fortunate that Ron Paul has focused as much attention on the race for POTUS this early in the process. Dr. Paul has also done us a great service by demonstrating just how corrupt the entire distraction is.
So I hope most of you will understand that my freedom activism is never dependant on the results produced by a corrupt government that are then used by a corrupt media to justify the enslavement of my family. As long as Dr. Paul is willing to give voice to the issues, as he has done over the past year, I am willing to _take advantage of him_.
Nowhere on the horizon do I see a better example of an individual walking the talk with such an impressive record to back up his claims at such a high level. Should another opportunity arise that I think I can add to my list of efforts that should get my personal attention, then I will take advantage of that opportunity as well. But to think that Ron Paul’s willingness to be a voice for freedom in the Republican nomination should be ignored or abandoned has to generate several questions. The most obvious is, “What other effort is worthy of my time and resources”? “How is another effort going to communicate more clearly what it is that I support”?
Here in Arizona I am certain that local politics will focus some of our efforts (has from the beginning) but I can’t even think of anything that Ron Paul’s presidential race has created that _can_ be abandoned. Is there some knowledge that is to be unlearned? Is there some understanding that is to be twisted into supporting another candidate for POTUS?
Only the argument that, ‘supporting the process at all is detrimental’ has any weight with me. But then I have always been able to counter with the evidence that the use of the process has been effective in exposing more bad guys to more people while providing a very useful education as to how things really are.
Since I never viewed Ron Paul’s willingness to run for president as a burden on me, and as long as he is willing to do his share of the heavy lifting, I will make use of his willingness to run for POTUS to accomplish as many of my goals as possible. The first of which is to free as many minds as possible,… and that effort is going much better than I could have ever hoped. What is your goal?

Ernest Hancock
Publisher –
A Ron Paul Revolutionary

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Comment by ctranch
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Great article. Thanks for all you do. It is deeply appreciated.

Comment by Terri Kurowski
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My goal? To work beside you to keep the r3VOLution alive 'till the day I die and continue to free as many minds as I possibly can.

I'm also teaching my children well so they can carry the torch of liberty for their generation. As my 15 year old daughter said the other day, "Mom, when people hear about Ron Paul [the message], they love him! My friends say they're going to go home and tell their parents about him". :)

Ernest, I am most grateful for all you've done for Freedom and I know I speak for the Tidewater Virginia Ron Paul meetup group: a huge THANK YOU for "lighting us on fire"!! I am so glad to have met you and I am most proud to call you my friend!

Freedom, Peace and Prosperity,

Terri Kurowski

Comment by Fascist Nation
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It should also be noted that Texas is holding the Presidential Primary on the same date March 4th, as Ron Paul's Congressional Primary. And Texas is neither a closed primary nor is it a winner take all state on delegates.

Comment by tunelhog
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Thank you and all supporters of the Ron Paul car push. It will not be a majority of citizens that will save the Republic it will a minority as when Paul Revere shouted "the British are coming" most just closed thier shutters and went back to bed, only a minority answered the call. So it is today and therein lies the beauty for it will not require a majority. Ron Pual has come a long way in awakening that minority. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that I would see and hear in my lifetime the groundswell of support especially in the younger generation of today for freedom. May God bless all of you and fill your hearts and minds with the spirit and courage to carry on. I knew they (the evil ones} were not going to allow any man on a white horse win thier most coveted office unless they wanted it to happen just that way. Victory is within reach because of his {R.P} efforts. Now is the time for good men and women to answer the call and the House of Representitives is the way. An Evil President can do very little with a congress that won't co-operate. Step up brothers and sisters and answer the call, Ron Paul will lead the Way.

Comment by Libertas
Entered on:
Ernie, I can't tell you how much I admire the effort that you've put into this rEVOLution. I met you a few times way back when, in another life, when I lived in the Valley and was active in the Libertarian Party. I want to tell everyone what a true patriot you are and have been through the years. I can attest that you've always been on the side of freedom even way, way before the Ron Paul campaign efforts. All the same, though, this article was jaw-dropping inspiring to me. Thank you.


Comment by T1C3Lury
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Isn't is time to put the "Golden Rule" in action, and aply that wisdom to the those who "censor" a citizen from being a member of conferences?
For no qualified reason, candidate Ron Paul, has been too often rudely denied normal respect so voters can sufficiently evaluate his qualities to be President our United States. I certainly admire, with growing admiration, his gentlemanly un-bitter bearing of such exclusion. If this is the "they" treat a fellow candidate, HOW WILL THEY TREAT US CITIZENS, "IF" THEY CON THEIR WAY INTO THE HONOR OF PUBLIC AUTHORITY? Because of his noble, uncomplaining behavior, I'm going to aply the Golden Rule when I vote and also exclude those who offend against common courtesy -- and put out lots of his signs!

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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(From an activist from back 'in the day')
Hi Ernie,

Yeah, you know how it is when the car won't start and you need to push it down the street. So you get 3 or 4 guys together and start pushing. At first it is hard to get it rolling. After a little it gets easier. Soon only one guy needs to keep up any effort at all to keep it moving.

We just started pushing the car a little with this revolution. Yet when you look at how fast the car is moving in how short of a period of time (considering that there are around 300 million people in the country), we must have started on a hill - pushing the car downhill, not uphill, I mean.

The car was push-started several times in the past, the first time being when the nation was formed at the time of the Revolutionary War.

Always, it seems, the people forget what a stalled car looks like - or a stalled nation. They know something is wrong with it, and when they figure out that it is stalled, they still don't know what to do with it to get it started again.

You and a few others started the pushing. Quite a little bunch of folks picked up the idea fast and started to help you. A big bunch added their hands without really adding their heart (not yet, anyway). If we want the car to continue moving (to say nothing about getting started), we need to put our hearts into it (not you so much, but others, including me - you are already doing it).

Ron Paul meet-up groups need to become "Black Letter Law Constitutional" groups all accross the country to get our guys (and gals) educated and into little and big local offices. One Ron Paul guy in the Presidency won't do much if the whole Congress is against him.

Since you have the mailing list, send this email out to them - or another like it.


Thanks, Ernie.


Comment by Frosty Wooldridge
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Dear Ernie,

You prove the best, smartest and sharpest in supporting Ron Paul. I stand with you at this noble moment in history. Few realize we stand to lose this republic into the hands of corporations, elites, socialism and massive overpopulation by unrelenting immigration both legal and illegal. If we don't secure our borders, this nation will slide down into the hell pit, poverty sinkhole and Balkanized civilization that grips France, Holland, UK and other nations that let their borders be overrun. Ron Paul is the best man who stands for and by the U.S. Constitution. You're the best writer, journalist and patriot to support Paul and our country. I salute you. My vote goes to Ron Paul. Frosty Wooldridge