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Press Conference on Sequoia Voting Machines

Written by Subject: Voting - Election Integrity
As noted before on Freedom's Phoenix, electronic voting experts John Brakey and Jim March were classified as "security risks" by the Maricopa County, Arizona Elections Department.  Their expertise in, and vocal criticism of, vote tabulating machines made them simultaneously the best qualified people to observe the machines in use during Arizona's PPE vote tabulation and a matter of concern for government bureaucrats using the machines.
State Senator Karen Johnson, however, did not find Brakey and March to be "security risks".  Rather, she hosted the pair, along with Dan Gutenkauf, at a press conference regarding the Sequoia machines used by Maricopa County.  As an elected official, Senator Johnson was understandably concerned that the machines which count votes in her elections have been decertified by California and do not meet federal guidelines for use in election tabulation.
Here is the press conference held February 7, 2008, one day before the Sequoia machines were used to tabulate votes in Maricopa county.