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Your life: One Step At A Time

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The energy of life on this planet strives to organize into relationships.   As with water, you watch it thrive in many forms such as snow, rain, ice and vapor.  It gathers as clouds in the sky, which eventually, falls as rain or snow.  It drains into rivers that gather into the oceans.  All of these forms create relationships with the processes that allow life to thrive on this globe.

If you look to the universe; stars, planets, moons and galaxies exist in a symbiotic gathering.  They co-exist in a mutual dance based on physics and the "Law of Attraction."  Their energy via movement flourishes in every sector of the cosmos.

Throughout all of creation, life sprang upon this planet utilizing the "attraction" process.  At some point, humanity manifested, which in turn, became "you" as an entity in the process.   What will you do with your precious "moment" on this planet?  Will you prosper by using your gifts or will you meander into mediocrity?  Will you submit to circumstance or strive toward self-fulfillment?

The courage to be you in 21st century America may be one of the bravest acts of your life.  Our "cookie-cutter" society educates people into "slots" that maintain the engine of commerce.  General options include teaching, medicine, construction, salesperson, truck driver, cashier, janitor, waitress and factory worker.

How do you step outside that process if called toward a different path?  First, you must engage the quality of your mind and spirit to stand up in the face of fear.    Sure, it's difficult to be different, to take an alternative path, to become a singer, artist or dancer.

The one thing you may expect on your life's trajectory:  challenge!  If something doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.  That one factor becomes the conduit for your creativity and opportunity.  Challenges force you toward a chance to move into your highest and best—one step at a time.

If you remember some of the greats of history, their lives began by trudging toward their goal:  Ray Kroc started out with one hamburger restaurant that led to an "idea" to create a chain of McDonald's fast food joints.   Billy Banks, inventor of Tae Bo fitness tapes, couldn't read very well because of his dyslexia, failed in school and couldn't qualify for many jobs.  Instead of giving up, he used his gifts to combine martial arts and kickboxing. Oprah Winfrey began in poverty and abuse, but marshaled her talents for interviewing into a billion dollar company.  Ms. J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, transformed from a food stamp recipient to a $15 billion industry stemming from an idea about a character she wrote on a napkin while eating breakfast.

What did those people possess in common?  

They learned to strive toward their dreams with endless passion

They maintained relentless enthusiasm for their ideas

They stood in the "space" of courage of their convictions

They stood in the "Eternality of relationship with life" to activate their courage

In other words, they surrendered to possibilities inherent within them.  They used their challenges as outlets to a greater good simmering within their minds.  As with the "Law of Attraction", they incorporated others into their network.  When you gather two or more, you harness creative power.

Finally, each person, no different than you, no smarter than you, no more privileged than you—maintained effort over time.  They dreamed their dreams, then, day-by- day, they took action toward their destinies.  By applying these concepts, you too, march toward your dreams—one step at a time.


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