Written by David McElroy Subject: Architecture
  Have you noticed it seems America is building too many retail outlets, strip malls, and "big box" stores? They are popping up everywhere like mushrooms, even in some remote areas. Yet dead and dying malls are not uncommon, nor are vacated stores and offices. I have a hypothesis about why so many superfluous commercial buildings are going up.
  I believe this proliferation of commercial and retail construction is part of the obvious partnership between big business and big brother.
It is initially to destroy local establishments in a tight economy...it is war on middle class merchants. The end game, I believe, is to make
sure every distinct community and neighborhood has certain standard supply and "service" centers in preparation for martial law. Travel will be tightly restricted. Toll booths on highways will become military checkpoints. There will be no more shopping out of your immediate neighborhood. I believe this is why every little burg has a branch campus or local college subsisting on grants, to offer what passes for "higher education"  after the hammer of tyranny nails them into the isolation of the "planned community" of the New World Order.
  Big business and Big Brother are obviously in bed with each other.
Their board members, committee members, lawyers, lobbyists, scientists and spin doctors all rotate among the same various corporate and government offices, spheres of influence, and academic circles.
They advise the media and serve the billionaires. As FDR said, if something happens, it was planned to happen. Government and corporations spend big bucks to not only outline their agendas, but to plan for every contingency...our every reaction to their actions. 
  The Bush regime, leading the GOP and Democrat pincers as one instrument of deception, is speeding us away from Truth, Justice, and Liberty for All straight to a fascist tyranny with no apologies. All the arrangements have been made. The clock ticks...
  The glut of standardized commercial/retail buildings serves the purposes of a militarized police state. Every locked-down hamlet and neighborhood will need supply facilities and various people-processing centers, without disturbing established businesses and infrastructure.
  Your patronage will not only be appreciated...it will be enforced at gunpoint!  Any comments?